Friday 17 February 2012

No more lines or wrinkles? Keep reading...

Following on from the hyped about Nanoblur comes a new revolutionary serum which combats skin ageing!
Say HELLO to Snoxin!

When this landed on my doorstep it couldn't have come at a better time! I'm really starting to worry about my forehead lines, whilst I've stopped frowning I still have these fine lines which bother me. So Snoxin is perfect for this skin dilema.

Visible results within just 7 days. Are your ears pricking up now? Before you all make a bad dash to the shops, keep reading!

" In a recent comparative consumer study, we found Snoxin to be four times better than 10 leading department store serums costing hundreds of dollars."
( Dr.Nowell Solish, Toronto-based cosmetic dermatologist.)


* 30ml RRP £29.99 *

Created by Indeed Labs, Snoxin claims wrinkles are reduced by 58% in 28 days, sagginess by 28% in 56 days and wrinkle depth by 22% in 51 days.

I've been using it for a full week now and can honestly say I have noticed a very small difference but I think after a month I will notice more of an improvement. I use it after I cleanse and tone, I apply it only to my forehead and then finish off with either my day/night cream. After reading about Snoxin I was pleased to read that it's fragrance free, paraben free and non-greasy.

The magic behind the serum is peptides! Most anti ageing serums use just one peptide but Snoxin contains multiple peptides which makes it even more effective.

You can purchase Snoxin from Boots and!

Thanks for reading!

Sherrie xoxo

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