Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Rituals Eye Products

I've been using 2 new products by the brand Rituals, their Awareness refreshing eye lotion and their lighten up under eye concealer which targets dark circles. I've been using both of these products for a few weeks now and feel I can give you an honest review of them both. 

Refreshing Eye Lotion-Awareness I've been using the eye lotion day and night for 4 weeks now and feel my area hasn't changed dramatically but it feels and looks brighter and hydrated. Which of course is still great news. The texture of the lotion is very light and absorbs really easily into the eye area. Also another good thing about the formula and texture is the cooling sensation it gives, this is great for puffiness or bags under the eyes. If I'm totally honest I don't think there is ANY eye cream which will rid my dark circles far away! I believe my dark circles are down to my nutrition and lifestyle, if anyone knows anything about what foods/vitamins are good for dark circles please let me know!! The eye lotion retails at £22.90 which is a reasonable price to pay for an eye cream I think, especially one which targets dark circles.

Lighten- Up eye concealer has been very impressive, from the first application I saw a difference and it wasn't till I saw these before and after photos did I really see how good this product is. There are 3 shades available and I have shade 2 which is perfect for my skin tone. I always have that bluey/purple tinge to my under eye area and unless I have a good coverage foundation on I always need to use a concealer. Lighten-Up contains Amethyst and an SPF 10 which is great because we want to protect our eye area from UV rays.

The packaging is nice and easy to use, you simply twist the base to release the product. I did find that I was twisting for what seemed ages before any product came through but it was worth the wait once I saw the results. The texture is not as heavy as I would normally go for but this does the job fine and as you can see, my dark circles are covered well. I like the brush tip applicator and find this is great to carry around with you if you need a touch up during the day if you're looking tired.

Can you see the difference? This is a great under eye concealer and for the price £14.90 I think this is great value.

Have you tried Rituals before?
What do you think of my before and after photos, impressed?


  1. The concealer does look good on you, I have that as well. I do like the Rituals cosmetics I have, I think I tend to forget about the brand as I rarely see it mentioned, which is a shame as they have some really nice items :)


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