Wednesday, 21 September 2011

COWSHED Wild Cow Body Lotion

The evenings are drawing in and so the mornings are getting darker and more miserable with the typical British weather! I'm already starting to struggle waking up and getting up in the morning. I was sorting through my body lotions and found this and totally forgot I had it, I did get this free with a magazine but can't for the life of me remember which magazine it was. 

 The striking packaging caught my eye and interest, I really like the black bold fern image on the bottle. I had a look at Cowshed online because this is the first product I've ever tried from them before and was interested to learn more about their products. The body lotion is from their Wild Cow range which invigorates and revitalises your body & mood. They have another 5 signature scents for all different moods. I really like there Which Mood? feature where you answer 3 questions to determine your mood. I just did mine and I'm Knackered Cow! How funny is that? I love it!

I've been really impressed with the body lotion and can only imagine the other products in the range to also be great. They have body washes, bath oil, room candles, room diffusers and relaxing soap.
Have you tried any products from COWSHED? What would you try?

The body lotion is packed with great ingredients such as lemongrass, ginger and rosemary. If you are looking for a new body lotion and need that wake up call in the morning then I really recommend you give this one a go. I really like the COWSHED packaging and think they would be great for Christmas presents.

Thanks for reading! 
What body lotions are you currently using?


  1. Love it when you get something yummy that you love in a maggie :) xx

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  2. Love the packaging and the fact that you can do a cow quiz :)


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