Saturday 17 September 2011

Products Pre*Loved Wk1

I recently felt a little overwhelmed at the amount of products I actually own especially makeup and body products! I love finding products which I once loved then stored them away and forgot about them, I found 2 products which I used together and loved the effect. I've decided that I need to use my makeup which I already own and so have decided to do a series of posts which show you products which I'm pre*loving.
Each week I'm going to nosey through my stash and find at least 3 products which I haven't used for yonks and try to use them again. This isn't going to be a like project 10-pan, this is for me to re-familiarise myself with my makeup and you never know chances are I will find products which work well with other products which I have now.
It would be great if any of you would like to join in and also do something similar and do a weekly post showing what pre*loved products you have found.

So without further a do I would like you to meet this weeks Pre*Loved products...

Mac Highland Honey Blusher
Mac Semi-Precious Pearl MSF
Mac 168 Brush
Blistex Relief Cream
Rimmel Airy Fairy
*Prestige Lipliner current love which works so well with Airy Fairy*

Macs My Highland Honey came out with the Tartan Tale collection last winter and I was very lucky to get a few bits from the collection for my birthday. My Highland Honey is a stunning satin blush which gives such a warmth feel to the skin. I would best describe this as a peachy-orange toned blush with s slight satin finish, because I'm so pale at the moment I have to be gentle with this blush without looking like I've been Tango-ed ha ha!!
As for Mac Semi-Precious Pearl this is absolutely stunning and I love it so much I can't believe I don't use this more often! I've been using My Highland Honey on the cheeks softly and then using Pearl over the top, these both compliment one another so well. Plus I've fallen back in love with my Mac 168 brush, this brush believe it or not is like 10 yrs old it was my first ever makeup brush and it's still going strong now! It's my only Mac brush.

 My lips have started to get chapped and sore already so I hunted down my trusty Blistex and have used this loads lately. This is also great to use as a base for your lipsticks and liner, my lips feel so soft and supple and my lippie lasts much longer.

I remember reading about this lipstick and all the hype last year and knew I had to have it, unfortunatley this is not available to buy in the UK which is so annoying when companies do that. You would think a big brand like Rimmel would make really popular shades available everywhere. I managed to find someone in the US who kindly sent this over to me, I loved it the shade and scent right away. I took swatches of Airy Fairy and Silk lipliner so you can see how well they match.

Heres a quick pic of the products, please excuse my messy hair and messy eyebrows!

I REALLY hope you enjoyed this post and I really want to do this once a week and would love for you to join in. So I TAG everyone to join in and do a series of these blog posts each week for aslong as you like. Check back next week to see Products Pre*Loved Wk 2.

Have a great day!

All these products mentioned above where purchased with my own pennies!


  1. This is a brilliant idea!! I'm going to go through all my things now!! xx

  2. I wanted the MSF in pearl but my MAC only had the one in rose quartz!

  3. Airy fairy is currently being sold in my local poundshop! i couldnt believe my eyes when i saw it they had loads too x

  4. I think most of us have some gorgeous products that we forget about. I think we get carried away with the latest launch when its quite likely that we have something just as nice already. Great post, i will try to do this too xx

  5. I'm loving your blog and follow each post on bloglovin' :)

    Keep the great posts coming!

  6. Great idea. I always feel overwhelmed when I look at my collection. Its actually gross how much I have and don't use. I really want to start doing a post like this too! Thanks for the idea
    Highland Honey looks so pretty! I have the worst cracks at the sides of my lip and need to find something to help them. I want to try that relief cream. Hoping they sell it in Canada.

  7. i saw Airy fairy in my pound shop as well!!!

  8. Hi ladies thank you for such lovely comments it really means a lot :) xx

    I checked out my Pounland and no luck :( xx


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