Thursday 8 September 2011

Feet Fantastic!

I've been using 2 products on my feet over the past couple weeks and can notice a difference now so thought it would be a good opportunity to show you lovely lot.


They are both from JML and I'm sure you've all heard of the Ped-Egg which is a top seller for them, the other product was new to me. HeelTastic is absolutely Fantastic I can tell you, I have the photos below to prove it.

Ped Egg is a very neat smart design which has been especially designed to fit into the palm of your hand. Hence the name Ped Egg as this resembles the shape of an egg, the egg has been engineered with 135 stainless steel micro files which gently remove dry dead skin and calluses. Then skin shavings are collected underneath the stainless steel plate which you can un clip and discard after each use. It's important to keep your Ped Egg clean so you pro long the use of it. However you can buy refills for your Ped Egg and also you can get pastel coloured Ped Eggs which are currently half price ladies so I suggest you grab a few because these look super girly and make great stocking fillers for friends and family! I really want the pink or purple one. The Ped Egg retails at £9.99 but they currently have the Pastels on offer for £4.99 which is amazing value.

HeelTastic is a very rich intensive treatment balm for dry cracked heels, this balm really works and I've noticed such a big difference after 2 weeks already. Even after the first application my heels felt softer and hydrated, foot creams only work on the surface where as the special ingredients in HeelTastic work much deeper. The scent takes a little getting use to but to be honest I don't take any notice because this works wonders and I'm not bothered about the scent if a product works well. The scent is described as lemongrass and ginger. The balm comes in the form of a stick and is really easy to use, you simply twist the base to reveal more product when needed. HeelTastic costs £12.99 for 57g/2oz which will last you a while. I think this is well worth the money and can see me buying this for my mum who suffers from dry cracked feet.
I think a Pastel Ped Egg and a HeelTastic would make a great gift or Christmas present.

 OK folks please look away if you don't want to see my cracked heels and dead skin! Euuwwww, but ladies unfortunately some of us do have dry cracked heels and we need to keep on top of them so they don't get worse. If you have job which has you on your feet all day long then you'll probably have something similar. I actually got my cracked heels when I was pregnant with my son and they never totally went, they got so bad they use to really hurt when the skin spilt. So I take extra care of my feet and really like to give them a weekly treat if I can. I've found it hard to find products for the feet which really work well and make a difference until now.
But after a couple weeks of using the Ped-Egg and HealTastic my heels are in much better condition now. Heels are so ugly to photograph don't you think? So funny they just look so odd, next time your snapping away with your camera take a photo of your heel and have a look so funny! I hope you can see the difference from the photo above. My heels are so soft and feel ten times better, I use the HeelTastic every other day and was using the Ped Egg 3 times a week but think I could maybe drop it to twice a week now seeings I have them in better condition.
You can purchase both of these online at or you can find them in most supermarkets and stores such as Wilkinsons, Debenhams, Argos and Homebase. Just pop on their website and you can search for your nearest retailer or simply order online.

Do you suffer from Dry Cracked Heels?
Have you seen the Ped Egg or HeelTastic?

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  1. I love the ped egg, really leaves feet much softer and less cracked, will definitely have to give the HeelTastic a go too- feet are so often overlooked but they deserve some love too! xx

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  2. i love the ped egg its great and i use soap and glory foot stuff on my feet which works great its not my heels i get really dry skin on the balls of my feet

  3. Wow it looks like it really has made a difference! I need to sort out my cracked heels. Do you think just using the Heeltastic alone would help if your heels weren't too bad ....I just feel a bit squeamish looking at the ped egg :( x


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