Wednesday 7 September 2011

Estee Lauder Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator

I have wanted to shout out about this product since it first touched my under eyes but wanted to give it a fair trial. As you know I am on the quest to find the best products for dark circles which live up to their claim, I can 100% say I am totally smitten with this product. I have really started to notice such a difference to my dark circles when applying my makeup. 

What's so special about Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator I hear you say? Well take a seat and all will be revealed, the special ceramic applicator feels so cool and amazing on the eye. Estee Lauder are the first company to market the contoured ceramic tip applicator, no need to store your eye cream in the fridge anymore ladies!

Estee Lauder say-

* Instantly Cools, massages and re-energises the look of tired, puffy eyes.
* Triple optic technology instantly makes dark circles look lighter.
* Dark Circle Correcting Complex works over time to help reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.
* Two shades available Light/Medium and Medium/Deep suitable for all skin tones and ethnicities so everyone can enjoy the benefits of this amazing product!

In consumer testing, 90% of women saw a reduction in the look of dark circles and puffiness after two weeks of use.  
You apply a small pea sized amount and then dot along the eye area as shown below, then you gently use the ceramic tip applicator to massage the product into the eye area starting from the inner corner moving out to the outer corner. Gently pat the eye area until all the product is absorbed.

I'm still using my normal eye cream, but this just really helps reflect the dark circles, I've started to notice that with one layer of my foundation over the top of this I can actually get away without applying an under eye concealer which is amazing. I use this morning and evening and can't believe the results this has given me.

My under eye area has never looked so fresh and bright, this is well worth the money and if you suffer from puffiness and dark circles I can not recommend this product enough to you. 

For me the eye area is key for ageing and holding the look of youth, so £40 is well worth the money. You only need a small amount so this will last you a fair few months the same as an eye cream would. This is worth investing in and with Christmas around the corner I suggest you add this onto your lists ladies especially with all the partying you will be doing ;)

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the review.


  1. This is definitely on my wish list! Jude xx @jadlgw

  2. I have this and agree its brilliant isnt it. I love how cooling the tip is. I'm surprised more people havent raved about it already xx


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