Friday, 19 August 2011

What I'm loving this week

It's that time again peeps, I had a nice response to my first post I did last week showing you 'What I'm Loving This Week' so here we go again!

I am loving Lush's Flying Fox Shower Gel I reviewed this yesterday.

I love Nutella.

I've been wearing my swallow vintage necklace lots this week and you guessed it... I love it!

This come as no surprise especially if you follow me on twitter, I am a true Milkshake fan and have been loving Nesquick Banana milkshake. What is your favourite flavour?

I have been wearing GOSH'S Lavender Love and think this is my now my most favourite nail polish shade ever!

My dear grandad who I love dearly kindly gave me his watch, I love the domed head and the beautoful tinted glass. I will blog about this watch soon because it deserves a blog post all to it's self!

Lastly is more of a fun thing and thought I would mention Peppa Pig! Ha ha I know you are probably thinking I have lost the plot but my 14month old daughter adores Peppa Pig and has been watching and playing this lots so thought I would add in her little figure.

What have you been loving this week?


  1. I love nutella too, I get a spoon and eat a scoop from the jar! put some into little dollops on cling film and put into the freezer yum x

  2. oh yum nutella is what i'm loving all my life! =P


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