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Nutrasonic Face & Body System

I have recently added a new item to my skincare regime called the Nutra Sonic, which is a sonic cleansing brush very similar to a product on the market which is almost double the price of this one. I have very much been interested in sonic cleansing brushes so when I had the chance to try one I was a very happy lady. Whilst I can not comment about the Clarasonic as I've not tried one I can comment on the Nutra Sonic and say after 2 weeks I am very impressed and happy with the results I have seen so far. I know it's only been a couple weeks but you literally feel results after the first use. Then like any product for a short time you notice differences in your skin and the texture. I will of course post an update in another 2-4 weeks time because I think it's only fair to give a product a nice length of time to really see what difference it makes.

 * Oscillates at 400 times per second (100 more than the Clarasonic) *

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The Nutra Sonic is available in 2 speed options, the first option is their basic 2-speed cleansing system which is more than adequate for anyone first trying out the system. However they do have a 4-speed cleansing system which includes a special micro-dermabrasion jitter mode speed which feels lush on the skin. I have the 4-speed version and have been using all the speeds along with the different brush heads.

Depending on the condition of your skin you can either use the normal face brush or the sensitive face brush and then select your speed setting. I used the sensitive first to see how my skin would react and then this week being the 2nd week I have changed to the normal brush now. I use the jitter mode once a week to give my skin a really good deep cleanse.

 All the brush heads come with protection caps which keep the bristles safe and clean from dust and dirt! You can of course buy replacement heads when your heads have had their day, normally they last for 3-4 months depending on their usage. The heads pop in very easy, you simply press in and almost twist very slightly.

The cleansing brush has a charging unit which it rests in to charge up, there's a little red LED light above the power button which flashes when charging. The light also flashes if the unit needs charging so you can keep a check and know when you need to charge it.Once fully charged the red light stays on steady. I charge mine for 12hrs which then lasts me 7 days which is perfect when you're busy and on the go. The only thing which was a little annoying was the international plug, when I first saw this I nearly freaked and searched the house high and low and luckily the hubby had a shaver adapter so all was restored!

I love the fact you can use this in the bath or shower for just a few minutes and then you're good to go! I have been using my L'Oreal gel cleanser with the Nutra Sonic, I wet the brush head and my face then apply a small amount to the brush head. Next I select my speed setting and I'm well away. It's been proven that normal removal of makeup and dirt such as makeup remover wipes or hot cloth methods do not remove makeup and dirt half as much as a sonic cleansing brush. Therefore dirt can clog pores and can develop into blemishes, with the continued use of the Nutra Sonic your skin tone will improve reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The elasticity and absorption of products will be even better so you are getting the best results you possibly can from your skincare products.

2-Speed System retails £79.99 whilst the 4-speed system retails are £129.99 and includes Cleanser & Toner.

You can keep up to date with Nutra Sonic on their Facebook Page and website

Have you seen or tried the Nutra Sonic?
Maybe an ideal Birthday or early Christmas present?

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