Sunday 17 July 2011

She Shells O.P.I Summer Shades

O.P.I have released seven sizzling orange shades for this summer, these shades are great to compliment your summer tan! I am in love with bright shades this summer, it's nice to have vibrant shades on your nails which enhance you tan. Plus these shades are great for your toes as well ♥
All 3 shades are a Creme finish which is my favourite type of  finish.
These shades are very vibrant and appealing to the eye, my favourite is Hot & Spicy which is a stunning creamy Coral.
Hot & Spicy 

However on the other hand The "IT" Colour shade is also very pretty and very trendy at the moment, I find that with some yellows they are to yellow if that makes sense. Where as this yellow is more of an Ochre shade which is warm and very wearable.
I wanted to try the Black Shatter Polish over the top and really like the end effect, painting your nails different colours is very popular at the moment and I think the combination of shades and Black Shatter looks fab!


I wanted to show you the difference that a Top Coat can make, you can either apply a top coat over the Black Shatter polish to have a nice shiny finish or leave it and have a trendy Matte finish. I think both look very nice! What do you prefer? Matte or Shiny?

If you fancy sporting some sizzling hot nails this Summer then you can pick these shades up as well as others from Lena White £10.50each.

 Which summer shades have you been loving? 
What have you been wearing on your nails this weekend?

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  1. Great colours...I love a good red coral and hot & spicy looks right up my alley.

  2. Wow I love Hot & Spicy, deffo one to add to the list :)

    Sarah xx

  3. Such lovely colours!
    Was it you that blogged about the new bourjois polishes? I bought the bright green one and the orange one today. Love your blog, i always want to buy everything you post about. x


♥ Thanks for your messages they bring a smile to my face Thank you ♥