Monday 18 July 2011

Tantastic Instant Tan

I've been wishing the sun would stay put and stop teasing us! This weekend has been full of rain and so I decided to brighten things up and applied some self tan.
Tantastic is a self-tanning brand which has a selection of products from exfoliating mitts to self-tanning gel. I love it when I have self-tan on because it makes me feel good about myself. Not only does it make me good but I look healthy and I find I can give my foundation a miss which is a bonus!

Instant Tan is a 150ml bottle which is a fair size and normally costs £20 but they currently have an offer on saving you £5, this bottle can give up to 5 full body applications.

I found the instant tan very simple and quick to use, I'm very happy with the developed colour and used this all over the body. I have fair skin and am always a little cautious with super dark liquid tans but this is perfect for my natural skin tone.

I always use a mitt now when I apply my self-tan, I was wondering what happened when we first used self-tans? I remember using horrible rubber gloves but thankfully companies now have mitts which are re-usable which is fantastic, or you could say Tantastic? Sorry for the lame pun!
The only think I would say is I did find that I could smell the tan on me when I went to bed which was a shame but to be honest I 'm use to that with self-tans. Once I woke up in the morning and saw the results I was happy and the scent was gone!


Yay no foundation!

Here is how I wore my makeup, my skin didn't need foundation but I did use concealer still on my dark circles. I used Mac Tempting on the eye lids and used Gosh Bronzing Shimmer Powder Pink on the cheeks and Ever Hip on the lips.

If you would like to try Tantastic then you can check out their range of products and also you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date.

What is your favourite Self-Tan?? Do share...


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  1. I tried this after my sister reviewed it for me at the weekend, Loved it!

  2. That looks really good although i'm not a fan of the strong fake tan smells. I really like palmers gradual tan at the moment. It smells like cocoa butter and applies really well.xx

  3. You have to come to my country.. It's so sunny and hot, you would get a perfect tan! :)


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