Saturday 16 July 2011

June Free Gift With Glamour!

This was such a good Free Gift I couldn't miss out! This perfume was actually on my Christmas list last year but I ended up getting my beloved Micheal Kors for Women instead. So when I saw Glamour was offering a 50ml EDP of Heat I had to sign up. I was lucky because my subscription has just come to an end so this was perfect timing!

This is the first fragrance by Beyonce which came out last year and then she released Heat Rush which is more of a summer floral fruity scent which I love! I really want to try that next.
The packaging is strong and gives the seductive appeal with a red and black box and gold writing.The visual of this with Beyonce in the background is very raunchy and shows off her amazing body!

The perfume itself is lovely but I already knew that after smelling this in a magazine last year. It's a very warm fragrance and perfect for nights out or for women who like a stronger scent. I wouldn't say it's over powering because it has a floral scent.

Top Notes
A radiant floral bouquet of Magnolia, Neroli and Red Vanilla Orchid,
balanced with a kiss of luscious Blush Peach.

Heart Notes
A sensual combination of Almond Macaroon, Honeysuckle nectar and
Creme de Musk.

Base Notes
A warm and sexy dry-down of giant Sequoia Milkwood,
Tonka Bean and Amber.

The perfume is very fairly priced, it comes in a 30ml/50ml/100ml with the 100ml only costing £31.99 which I think is great for an EDP. If you fancy trying Heat then you can pick up a bottle at The Perfume Shop. 
Have you tried Heat or Heat Rush?

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  1. I do like the Heat very much - it's such a warm and seductive scent and one of the very few celeb scents that I really like.
    Heat Rush I'm not a fan of - it's a bit too fruity and 'simple' for me. Nothing special about it imo.



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