Thursday 14 July 2011

Sienna X Professional Spray Tanning

Sienna X is a professional Spray Tanning company who have Tanning Specialists all over the UK.
They have been very popular at a few famous events such as the Brit Awards and Glamour Woman of the Year Awards 2011. Celebrities have been embracing the Sunless Tanning, this is the healthy way to tan plus we don't always get the time to lounge out in the sun!

Ellie Goulding says-
"The Gradual tan in this range is amazing. 
I'm quite slap happy when it comes to self tan so this is perfect for me as it doesn't go streaky a all.
There's no biscuity smell either which is a bonus when it comes to leaving the house!"

Have you tried Sienna X? You can find your nearest Tan Specialist here.
They also have an online Shop so if you would rather tan yourself you can have a noesy at their Self Tanning range here.

Have a Tantastic Day peeps :)

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