Wednesday 9 February 2011

Love is in the Air

Morning Lovehearts!
Valentines is not long away and I'm sure some of you would've already seen the LUSH Valentines collection but incase you haven't then take a peek and see what floats your boat.

Has anyone seen the collection?
What do you think?
Do you have any favourites?

First up we have...

It's Raining Men

I have the middle sized bottle 250g which costs £7.95 and is so worth it, these shower gels last ages! Unless it's Snow*Fairy, I'm being super tight and only using a little each time to try and make it last for a longer.
I really wanted to try It's Raining Men after I read that it's basically Honey I washed the kids but in a bottle. However I'm still not sure about this, I think the scent is slightly different from Honey I washed the kids. On the inital application to the skin the scent isn't as appealing to me however once you get past this it does remind me of Honey I Washed The Kids.
The ingredients are a mixture of a honey and tropical flower shower wash, blimey that was a mouthful.

Love Birds
100g £3.00

When I saw the picture of the whole soap I was cooing over it I thought it was so pretty! If you received your edition of The Lush Times then you would've seen this soap on the back cover. For those of you who haven't seen it, here it is in all it's beauty...

This is by far my favourite soap design ever by Lush, It's so pretty and dainty and I bet such a shame to cut up! I managed to cut my piece up into mini bars which is great, I have been using a slice for a few days. The scent is soft and extremely creamy, the skin is left with such a delicate and fine scent that when I use this I can't help but keep smelling my arms. Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Vanilla create a very romantic aroma!

Magic Mushroom

I have read reviews about this little cutie and was excited to see for myself the magic which this bubble bar expels in the bath.
Some great ingredients in here such as Geranium Oil, Vanilla Absolute and Jasmine Absolute.

If you haven't used a bubble bar before then you simply crumble under running water, swish around to help poof up the bubbles and then your ready to dive in. Not literally though folks!
Magic Mushroom produced mountains of bubbles and a sea of red water, the way the white bubbles floated ontop reminded me of the magic mushroom.
Here are some pics for you to see...

Bubbles Galore.

I will be trying Amandopondo and Frog Prince next. Amandopondo is not from the Valentines collection but is part of their normal bubble bar collection.
Has anyone tried The Ex Factor which is from the Valentines range?


  1. Ooo might have to order the Love Birds soap!


  2. You HAVE to try The Ex Factor :) It's my favourite ballistic LUSH have ever made - for £1.99 I'm going to stock up like crazy. x

  3. The Magic Mushroom looks awesome!

  4. Ive not tried anything from this release yet but it all looks fab. I've got my eye on the mushroom one but the nearest lush is miles away from me x

  5. My favourite from the collection is the ex-factor bath bomb. I love the smell of vanilla so its definitely a favourite. I also really want to try 'It's raining men'.

  6. i'va got the magic mushroom and the soap!! love the smell but haven't use them yet! :)

  7. have you put all the mushroom into the bath or just a fragment?
    thanks for the information! ;)

  8. Thans for your comments ladies, I will defo try and pick up The Ex Factor xx

    @Caroleens Garden Yes I put the whole bubble bar in. Normally I try to break it in half so I get at least 2 baths out of it but I thought this was quite small so use it all up x


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