Tuesday 8 February 2011

E.L.F Makeup Brushes...

Morning Sweetie Pies

This post is long overdue, before christmas I finally got round to placing my first ELF goodies. This is what I decided on after hours on their site and a budget of £15 which I did go over opps!

I finally ordered some brushes, I have read some great reviews on these brushes and for the price you can't go wrong can you? Does anyone else have these?

I decided to pick the very much hyped about 'Powder Brush' I have been using this for my liquid foundation which I LOVE ♥
The Blush brush which again is such good quality, great price and versatile. It's good having another blush brush as I have always used my trusty Mac168.
Then I wanted to try their eye brushes and got the 'Eyeshadow C Brush' and 'Contour Brush' again both great quality and been using lots.

I wanted to capture a glimpse of the quality and texture of the brushes, I hope this photo does the brushes justice. For those of you new to them, they are from Elfs Studio Range and all cost £3.50 each ♥MEGA BARGAIN♥ They feel so soft thanks to the synthetic haired Taklon finish.

I would like to invest in more of the Studio brushes but not sure which ones to try next? Can anyone recommend any to me? I am thinking of getting the Small Angled Brush, Small precision Brush, Small Smudge Brush and the Stipple Brush. Has anyone tried them? Are they just as good?

The other items I picked up were 3 Nail Varnishes all cost me £1.50 however Glitter Glam & Desert Haze are both 33% off only costing £1 so if you like the look of these then pop over. I'm not sure how long the offer is on for.

♥ Glitter Glam
♥ Desert Haze
♥ Black

All of these are great quality and cover well, I have been using the Black for nail designs and for £1.50 they are well worth it. I just popped over and would like to try some of their NEW brights next time such as Mango madness & Passion Pink great for the summer.

This next item is a great find and reminds me a little of a very subtle Mac Pigment in Melon...

This is from their Mineral Range and only cost me £3 and has 2 uses! I have use this over the lid but also as a highlight on my cheek bones so flattering. This is in the colour Natural, they have a great selection of other colours. I have spotted some others I would like to try such as Elegant, Celebrity and Confident.

When I placed the order, Elf had the offer where you spent £10 and P&P only cost £1 which was brill. They are always having offers on so if any of these tickle your fancy then keep an eye out for an offer! I know I will be waiting for a good offer to arise again before I place my next order.

If you have tried any other ELF products and think they are worth a try please let me know as I am new to ELF.

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  1. i've heard great things about their studio line blushes <3 and single eyeshadows!

  2. hi ya..i love the brushes too..fantastic for the price..i'm liking the pigment you've got..will definitly like to try a blush and a lipstick from the mineral line..:)xx

  3. i realllly want that mineral powder brush great post hun xx

  4. I have all of the brushes except the contour brush and I adore them all. You should give a try the Complexion brush and the Studio Kabuki as they are really good quality too!

    Charlene xxxx

  5. The studio line brushes are great quality for the price! Have you tried any of the studio line blushes? They're gorgeous. Im waiting for the stipple brush and some others to come in stock! xx

  6. I paced an order with ELF on the Cyber Monday offer, and since I was goign back to Canada for Christmas, I had 55% off on their Amaerican website (cheaper than the UK one)!!! I order A LOT and it only cost me 16$. I have tried the C brush (but not sure how I i=like it yet, I do love the bristle, but just not sure how to work the shape of it) and the polishes and mineral eyeshadow. You can cehck out my blog for my haul! I will post a few reviews soon as well!

  7. I have the studio powder brush and love it i use it for everything i really need to buy a few more haha.


  8. I adore the ELF brushes! I bought the whole set and i'm so glad i did! The blush brush is my fave x

  9. I've got the eye and blush brush and they're really good quality. I've also got the small smudge brush, which is great! xx

  10. I've heard their lippies are great hun, you might wana try one with your order ;) and yea do try out their stippling brush as I've heard so many ppl raving about that. That's gona be my next purchase too!

  11. I bought their brushes after Christmas and love them. Such great quality. That powder brush is amazing for buffing products into the skin. I haven't tried their polishes but they look really nice. I highly recommend their studio brushes. Great pigmentation.

  12. I have their stippling brush and I like it but it's the only stippling brush I've even used so I'm not sure what to compare it to. I have some of the mineral eyeshadow brush and blender brushes. I would NOT recommend the essentials line for brushes, the hair comes out and brush has glue in it. Bleh! Thanks for reviewing I've been thinking about buy more of the set!

  13. That is so funny! When I ordered from ELF, I bought the 4 exact same brushes that you got! I really love the powder brush and the contour brush.. I feel like there's not enough hair in the c brush and I'm alright with the blush one... I really like the blush and bronzer duo I got, I recommend it!


  14. they all look amazing, congrats!!!! :) I can't wait to order me some Elf!!! :)

  15. I love my Studio brushes: kabuki, powder, complexion and stipple. They really are a good buy :) Studio blushes also seemed nice and I'm going to try out their mineral line too. Oh - the ordinary line eyelash curler is definitely worth to purchase.

  16. Nice haul doll :) Elf is one of my favorite brands! :) I will mention my favorites apart from the ones you got already.

    Regular line : eyelash curler, shine eraser, all over color sticks

    Studio : bronzers, eyebrow kit, face primer, cream eyeliners, blushes, waterproof legthening & volumizing mascara, makeup wipes, eyeliner brushes (small smudge brush, small angled brush, small precision brush)

    Mineral : mineral booster, mineral glow in bronzed, blushes

    I have reviewed most of these, if not all, on my blog if you're interested :) Yep, I'm an elf addict ;) x


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