Thursday 10 February 2011


I've been using some skincare products from the brand BIOTHERM whom I'm sure you're all familiar with. They have recently released a new range called SKIN.ERGETIC comprising of 3 new products.

Skin Concentrate
Day Cream
Night Cream

ItalicThe first product is a skin concentrate called Skin.Ergetic Concentrate I have found this very interesting and have genuinely been suprised by the difference this has made to my skin. The product is described as Non-stop Boosting Instensive Serum.

£37.80 50ml

Excuse the amount of photos, I just really want to make sure I cover everything!
Skin.Ergetic is a facial concentrate which contains natural Broccoli extract, 150 tender shoots to be precise. This is contained inside a caspsule which comes with the product, YOU have to activate the concentrate with the natural Broccoli extract. Ok in the words of the Green Cross Code STOP, LOOK & LISTEN UP. If you're like me and don't read instructions and just get straight in their then don't! Else you'll be thinking...what? ha ha like I did.

After trying to understand the instructions in various languages on the box I finally realised what I had to do. Thank god for pictures hey? No language barrier there ♥

Inside the box you will find your concentrate as well as a little silver packet which contains the very precious capsule... Ok with me so far? You then unscrew the pipette from the concentrate and place somewhere safe. Next you screw on the capsule, it is like a screw top. Then you press down the centre of the top, this releases the active ingredients from the capsule into the concentrate. Be sure to give this a good shake to make sure the active ingredients are thoroughly mixed in with the formula. They suggest for the first 3 applications to give the bottle a shake before use.

You can see the capsule after it has been used and where the active ingredient is stored, because the ingredients are natural they only have a shelf life of 3 months. So that you don't use the product past it's recommended time they have a label on the bottle where you can record when you activated the product. This is such a good idea and I'm sure you would all agree. My skin looks healthier and brighter, I can get away with using a light foundation.

I don't tend to use a facial concentrate within my skin care regime, but seeings my skin does have a tendency to a little dryness I have been using extra products. The formula of this is very light like a lotion which sinks into the skin. My skin seems to drink this asoon as I've applied it which is a good sign I suppose. This is a little pricey but I'm a great believer in investing in your skin care and all I know is my skin feels fully hydrated since using this extra treatment in my regime. I would definitely suggest you pop along to your nearest counter and ask for a little sample if they have any to try.

Next up is their Day Cream, this is available in two formulations such as Normal/Combination which I have but also Dry Skin. The day cream is described as Non-Stop anti-oxidant moisturising skincare.
£33.70 50ml

I love the theory behind this skincare, Biotherm say Skin.Ergetic Day Cream translates the 5-a-day mantra into skincare with five active fruit and vegetable extracts. The extracts help combat stress, fatigue and other environmental factors.

Seville Oranges

I have thoroughly enjoyed using this day cream. I must hold my hand up and admit I need to use less product. I have a natural tendency to use a good amount of product, maybe the products in the past have not been as moisturising. However you seriously need a small amount, maybe because this is being applied over the top of the concentrate so your skin already has a very thin layer of hydration. I have noticed that my skin is hydrated and not flaky like in the past. I think with this time of the season and with putting the central heating on we all need an extra layer of clothing and so it's like your skin needs an extra layer of moisture. That's a really good way of seeing it, I know my skin needs an extra layer!

You can see how creamy this is, it's almost like a cream-gel formula.

The third product is their Night Cream which I have only used a couple times just to see how it feels on the skin and how my skin feels in the morning and from this I can predict this will also be a hit! Before using this I had already started using a night time moisturiser and didn't want to stop using it as I wanted to give it a fair chance. I will be reviewing this shortly though so check back!

The night cream is described as Intensive recovery Nightime Moisturising Skincare.
The cream contains five ingredients from tea and plant roots which help produce brighter and smoother skin every morning.

I adore the packaging of the bottles, so different from anything I have used or seen before. The pots remind me of eggs, and fit so snuggly in the palm of your hand. They are easy to hold and use, inside they have caps to protect the cream.

I do have another product which I'm currently using, from their Aquasource Perfection range and is their Eye Perfection 360 Hydra Massager. This is different and I love the massager on the end of the product very good for mummies! Here is sneaky pic of the product just for you

Thanks for stopping by :) Have you seen or are you using these products? Do you use Biotherm, would you recommend any other products from their ranges? Please let me know your thoughts.


  1. These look like good products

  2. I got the same products you did and must say I thoroughly enjoy the day cream. I rarely use night creams so yeah, didn't use that either and serums just seem weird to me and useless, but I will give it another chance if you say it did wonders for your skin.
    The thing I like most is the smell of the day cream, I just want to eat it! :P

  3. I'll check and see if I can score a sample, it sure sounds good!

  4. These look great and a really helpful review :)

  5. I tried to get this serum in August when it was origianlly supposed to be released! Glad to hear it's now out and will be popping along to get my bottle. It got a rave review in In Style I think.

  6. Thanks ladies for the comments :)

    @Silver Pebble the serum is lovely! x


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