Wednesday 2 February 2011

Good Things are happening to me!

Morning Sweeties ♥ yipee it's wednesday already! This week seems to be flying by. Sorry for the cheesy title I couldn't think of anything else.

I have been using 2 NEW skincare products the past couple weeks and wanted to share with you my thoughts. Good Things is a brand which I'm sure you have all heard about before. Incase you have not then check out their web site here.

I have been using their Total Wipe Out cleansing wipes everyday, I must say I love the name of them! Total Wipe Out what a great name. The size of these are great and they are not thin unlike some makeup wipes I have used in the past. You get 25 wipes for £3.56 which is very good value. The only downside to these and this is purely personal is the scent, I know we are ALL different but I'm not keen on the scent of Raspberry & Cranberry mixed together. On the plus side these are very eco friendly by being ♥ Biodegradable ♥

The second product I've been using is the Good Clean Fun which contains Strawberry & Cranberry and for the record I Like the smell of this very much! See funny isn't it, how our senses are so different. This is different from any facial exfoliator I have tried in the past, the texture is different it feels like a creamy exfoliator which lathers very slighty. This is not to be confused with a 'soapy' texture, It's hard to describe unless you have tried this before. After using this for a week I felt it was effortless, don't you find with some facial scrubs you have to do all the hard work? Where as with this thanks to the formulation it's so easy and quick to use.
You can pick one of these up for £5.10 150ml which again is a great affordable price.

I just wanted to show you the strawberry seeds which are in the polish as well as jojoba beads.

You can buy Good Things from Boots Stores or online Boots.
Have you tried these? I would love to know your thoughts, or if you are using another product from this range let me know.

Thanks for stopping by :) Have a great day!


  1. Ive tried the wipes. I liked them when I first used them, but then I just couldn't stand the smell. It was sickly and made me feel quite ill ha.

  2. I've tried the scrub and use it for a gentle exfoliation so I use it more often than a normal face scrub. I've tried 6 Good Things products and would re-purchase them all x

  3. I won a lot of products from this range in a giveaway but haven't started to use them yet. I think they smell lovely :)

  4. I'm trying to remember where I've seen this brand before.. maybe at a Walgreens or Sally Beauty? You've got me wondering:] Something on my to try list.

  5. I love a thicker makeup wipe (actually just posted about that on my blog :).
    I like the sound of raspberry and cranberry together. Strawberry and Cream also sounds great.

  6. Hey Sherrie! Awesome post! I actually have the Cleanser, the Freshining Polish and the Moistoriser :) They're really good products! They leave my skin in heaven! LOL. I love the design too.
    Bex XxX

    Have you seen my giveaway on my blog? It's my 1st ever giveaway, and I’m celebrating 25+ followers!


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