Tuesday 1 February 2011

Storage Junkie, How do you store yours?

Morning, I thought I would try and brighten up this miserable day with a nice interesting post, well I hope it's interesting for you all. I would like to share with a few things I have picked up lately.

♥ Beautifully Delicious Bath & Shower Gel ♥
♥ Pencil Pots x2 ♥
♥ Nails Inc Diet Coke Collection ♥

The one post I LOvE reading on blogs isSTORAGE I like to keep track and organised with my collection of goodies! I may not always be tidy but I do like to try and keep tidy, I hate it when you can't find a particular eye shadow or liner. So a while ago I picked up a cheap pencil pot from Tesco which was only £1.20 and decided it needed a little 'Glam' so using a bow headband which I bought in the sale from Peacocks I transformed it. I managed to put all my pencils in this but wanted a couple more for my makeup brushes, so I picked up a couple last week this time a white and black.

I had another bow headband which I wrapped around the other black pot to 'Glam' it up a little. I decided to keep the white pot for my pencils and the 2 black pots for my makeup brushes. One holds my face brushes whilst the other holds my eye brushes and a couple emery boards.

I felt the white pot was being left out so found some red ribbon and brightened it up, however after seeing these pics I don't like it and think it needs a bow like the others so will be changing this!

So there you go some super cheap ♥ Storage ♥ ideas for your brushes and pencils, I would love to know how you storage yours?

Onto the other items I picked up last week, I remember reading about this on the lovely Sophie Is Made Up blog and thought OHH I gotta get some of that!!! So when I was down Sainsburys I had a look and to my relief they had 3 bottles so I snapped one up. I think I will be going down to get another one if I'm lucky! It only costs £3 which is super cheap and smells divine.

And the next items are not very exciting I'm affraid, as I know you would have seen these on lots of blogs but thought I would just mention I picked them up over the course of a couple weeks I think. My favourite is Heather Grey I love it! Which is your fav?

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Love the bows!!! I love reading about storage too. I have just re-vamped my whole beauty area! :) Need to figure out a solution to nail polish storage!

  2. I store all my stuff in a plastic organizer and the brushes in a purple vase because everything in my apartment is purple :) the shower gell looks amazing such a good price!

  3. I love the ribbon on the middle pot! I think it looks so nice when things don't always match exactly! The Hair bows on the other two pots look so cute, such a good idea hun!

    I adore storage stuff! Would you be offened if i borrowed this idea for my blog? (Obviously i'd credit you for the idea hun!) xxx

  4. Thats a great idea, a good cheap storage solution and so pretty with the ribbon and headbands added

    Laura x

  5. Yep I got Heather Grey - it is a lovely colour! My storage of my makeup is terrible, I don't have space for a dressing table so they are bundled in the wardrobe. Your pots look lovely x

  6. Ooo Ive not seen them pencil pots in Tesco, are they just on the stationary isle? I need one of those for my eyeliners and mascaras. Im not too keen on the pot Im currently using.


  7. WOW Thanks for all your comments ladies :) x

    @Pammy fab! Have you done a post about it? I would love to see it, ha ha that's my next mission Nail Polish Storage! x

    @Alex I bet it looks gorgeous! x

    @TheRoxyLoves Thanks hunnie, of course you can, I wanted to share this with all my followers so you go ahead hunnie! x

    @Laura Thanks x

    @Nic's Notbook Thanks! I love your Pusscy cat in your profile pic, whats his/her name? x

    @Jo Yeah hun, just go to the pencil/pens isle and you should see them, have a nosey around because at first I couldn't find them when I went back last week and they were right on the bottom shelf. They are so roomy aswell! I was thinking of storing my mascaras in one aswell. This rate my side will be covered in pencil pots ha ha! Let me know if you can't find them and I can always get you some xx

  8. My storage is SO rubbish, it's on my TO DO list, I want everything organised, I mean I have SO much stuff, and it's all over the place :(
    I can never find things cos I have it in so many boxes, and I give up!!

    I am forever on the lookout for nice new storage!

  9. Oh I love to read about storage as well! Yours looks good! I absolutely have to do something, my makeup is flowing everywhere!

    My fav Nails inc coke is Denim!

  10. I love reading posts about storage as well. Love the way you have decorated the brush containers...so cute. I actually like the red ribbon around the white box. I'd love to see some more storage posts!

  11. I got them pencils pots ages ago and threw them in the bin because i thought they looked boring!! Wish i'd have seen this post then haha. I might purchase some more and add little bows!! Thanks for this post :) xx

  12. Such a great idea for jazzing up your storage! xx

  13. Hehe, I'm a sucker for storage! Pots and boxes and things. Love it.

    Ever been to Hobbycraft? They have a whole aisle dedicated to 'Really Useful Boxes' :-O

    I've just ordered a trolley/drawer unit for my polishes. Exciting stuff.


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  14. Such a great idea.
    I'm currently looking fror a new storage system for my makeup.
    Since I moved into a new apartment,
    And have less room for it all!!



  15. Love the storage for your brushes, fab idea!x

  16. Thanks again for the comments ladies :) x

  17. Eiii that really does look absolutely adorable though I love the boxes you used!

  18. I love getting inspiration from posts about storage also, the bows are a cute idea :). I also love how inexpensive your idea is. xo


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