Wednesday 2 February 2011

Spring/Summer What will you be spritzing?

I have a new weakness, Perfume I have been looking into the notes which makeup the fragrance and also looking at the type of perfumes I normally go for.

I tend to wear something 'Strong and Heady' as I like a strong scent, however after reading about Quel Amour I thought this would be a lovely change from anything I would have tried before. I don't want to wear my normal safe perfumes throughout the spring and summer as they are probably more suited for the autumn and winter months.
Do you change your perfume as the seasons change?

Quel Amour is a fragrance which contains light floral notes and sounds so appealing, another bonus the bottle is so pretty and dainty and screams feminity.


“Quel Amour!” A beautiful woman runs through fields of peonies, her hair caressed by the sweet breeze

“Quel Amour!” A carefree blonde strides down a city street, turning heads as she goes.

“Quel Amour!” A sensuous brunette stretches in the sun, dreaming of love…..

“Quel Amour!” A confident woman, full of dreams, bursting with love, yet modest enough so that the slightest compliment makes her blush the colour of peonies…her irresistible beauty and independent spirit are embodied in this fragrance from Annick Goutal.

Which one are you?

The discreet scent of peonies, suggestive of a budding impudence, is enhanced with a blend of wild roses and geranimum rosa, and the result is a beautiful bouquet, reminiscent of the perfect spring day…and of new love between a man and a woman.

Notes of red currents, pomegranates, cherries and wine peaches lead a sense of sweet cravings and vague desires. A question lurks: will the love last?……..The answer, at last, is yes…Quel Amour! is for all seasons, for beauty and love everlasting.


You can buy Quel Amour from £54 (50ml)

After reading about the notes I thought this sounded like the perfect spring/summer perfume. Please let me know if you have tried this?
What do you like to wear during the Spring/Summer months?


  1. I really want the Jimmy Choo perfume! It's a bit more fruity than my Viktor & Rolf, I love it!

  2. I would be interested in seeing what notes are in my favourite perfumes because I always have a hard time describing the scents I like and would like to see if there is a pattern to what I like.
    I dont really change my perfume according to seasons. I tend to use something for awhile until I find a new one I like and then pretty much go from there. My all time favourite is the SJP NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker...its amazing!!

  3. @Jade I have Jimmy Choo and love it!! I will be posting my review on it shortly! The bottle is stunning! x

    @FunnyFaceBeauty yes you should, I'm sure there is a pattern. We are all naturally drawn to some scents than others. I know I like Musky strong scents. However I think I want to have a nice change for the summer. SJP is a gorgeous scent, I have often sprayed this when in store x

  4. I love L'Air Du Temps by Nini Ricci - very summery and fresh. Also love L'Occitane's Honey Gentle Water - so refreshing, no alcohol and suitable for babies/children as well!


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