Monday 4 October 2010

Salvatore Ferragamo Attimo EDP

Morning my lovelies I'm so excited to share this gorgeous perfume with you. Ok please don't hate me but I was the lucky winner of Escentuals twitter competition late last week.

Words can't describe how chuffed I really felt to win this, don't get me wrong it's great winning anything but come on some prizes are way better than others right?? This happens to be right at the top for me so far aswell as my Senseo Latte coffee machine of course ( wink ;)
Attimo isn't even available yet and they are taking Pre-orders so I feel very lucky and grateful to get my hands on this. Thank You Escentuals!! x

I didn't know that Salvatore Ferragamo had a fragrance line, when I hear his name I think SHOES gorgeous shoes.

Perfume is so personal I find and for me it's easy to define what I like and what I dont, it's as simple as that. I enjoy strong fragrances which if you know me or have read previous posts you will know that. Vivienne Westwood & Thierry Mugler are my all time favourites aswell as my very much wanted bottle of Michael Kors for women.

So at first I was elated I had won this perfume! Next I had to read about it right away and just by reading the description and the notes within this beautiful pefume I was sold!
I was lucky enough to recieve the 50ml £58, I have and would spend this ammount on a perfume if it was stunning and made me feel amazing.

Salvatore Ferragamo say-

Attimo is a floral green woody blend emcompassing Ferragamo's world of Italian chic.

A scent with a floral bouquet followed by an extremely sensual, woody dry-down.

The bottle is slightly asymmetrical and glows pale gold to convey the element of luxury which is a mainstay in all of Salvatore Ferragamo's fragrances.

Top Notes: Kumquat, Lotus Flower, Nashi Pear.

Heart Notes: Gardenia, Peony, Frangipani Flower.

Base Notes: Musk, Cedarwood, Patchouli.

The box was simple yet classy, which is expected by Salvatore Ferragamo, the bottle is beautiful and different from all my others.
The perfume lasts for a nice long time, I can still smell this on me at the end of the day and thats exactly what I expect from a EDP.

Once sprayed I knew within seconds this was 'MY' type of perfume. I must admit it reminds me of YSL perfumes.

I can see myself getting through this bottle quickly I only recieved this Saturday morning but I used it asoon as I got it, again Sunday and again today and the more I spray it the more I appreciate the sensual fragrance this brings. This will certainly be on my list of perfumes to buy, once it's all gone of course ;)

Perfume is very powerful and effects us in so many different ways, our moods can determine what perfume we decide to wear that day aswell as other factors. I have perfumes which bring back memories, such as DGs lightblue was bought for me when I gave birth to my son. So when I smell this it brings me back to that very special day :)

I would love to know what are your all time favs & do you have any memorable perfumes & why ?

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  1. I have Salvatore's Incanto Heaven and am so in love with it!

  2. Sherrie how lucky are you.....mmm sounds a wonderful perfume xxx


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