Sunday 3 October 2010

Long awaited storage post

YAY!! Finally this post was probably one of the first posts which I wanted to do when I set out doing my blog and its finally here :) so please be kind as I know I dont have a heap of make-up unlike some of you lucky ladies :) BUT hey.. it's enough for me and it is growing on weekly basis, ha ha shhh don't tell the hubby though.

Ok so you ready folks here is my little boudoir...

My Mother-In-Law ( who might I add is the best MIL you could ever have, she's like my BF ) kindly bought me this beautiful ornate 6 drawer unit.

I use the left hand drawers for Lipsticks/Liglosses and other makeup items which need a home!

On the Right side I store my special jewellery.. take a peak

My loving Grandparents bought me my one and only piece of Tiffany jewellery, my other pieces which I love are from Nica. You've probably seen me wear my favourite necklace with 3 swallows on which my lovley hubby bought me last christmas.

Onto the bigger storage, I picked this 4 drawer unit up from Asda for only £6.97 ( i think ) which I think is a great price! I have managed to get all my makeup supplies in here but I must admit in some drawers there isn't much space for more supplies.

I have all my single eyeshadows & shimmer pots in the bottom drawer, but due to limited drawer space I've had to store a few compacts ontop of them.

Here are my compacts which are fast growing I have quite a few of these and my newest addition was Urban Decays NAKED which doesn't fit in here and sits beautifully ontop of my rose unit :)

Next drawer is my face drawer where I store foundations, powders, bronzers, primers and concealers.. its my Mary Poppings drawer as you can see....

OK hands up who is a blusher addict! Both my hands are up ;)

And lastly onto my Make-up Brushes and pencils. I store my Makeup brushes in a glass jar which personally for me is querky and different. I love glass jars theres something about them which gives a rustic homely feeling to them. Then I store all my other pencils in a black pencil holder which was a grand total of 99p from Tescos. I have added some cute bow headbands to pretty them up a little....

I would Love to see your storage please leave a link in the comments so I can have a nosey!!

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. I adore your 6 drawer unit, its simply gorgeous!


  2. Ooh lovely storage, I love being organised. I recently bought a few boxes from the 99p store to put my make up in :)


  3. You've got a lovely collection, I too really like those six drawers, I am going to have to have a peek at some myself :D

    I love seeing these posts of how everyone stores their stuff as I am always having to rearrange my own make up, lol.

  4. Great storage for all your lovely make-up, love how you've organised it all!

  5. Great post, i love looking at peoples storage. I really need a sort out and then i will be doing a post about my storage. xx

  6. Wow love you storage...goregous

  7. great post!! you have a really good storage system in place =) xx


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