Monday 18 October 2010

Herbalife skincare & body review

A little while ago I recieved some products from Herbalife which I was very interested to try. I was sent 3 products from their Nourifusion range and one product which I was excited to try from their Herbal Aloe range. I have been using them for around 2 weeks now and feel I can give an honest review on them.

I have found a little gem of a soap! Herbalifes bath & Body bar is packed full of aloe vera and smells lovely. The bar costs £5.50 which is a reasonable price to pay I think.

This soap lathers up extremley well, which to be honest was a surprise. It's perfect for all the family and have even used this on my children. I have however decided that it has now become a very special soap, because it lathers up so well I experimented and used it all over my legs and then shaved and was very happy with the results.
After shaving my legs they can sometimes be dry and red, but not so much after using this soap. Thanks to aloe vera my legs are softer and less red. I have to hide it now from my little boy so he doesn't use it all up! I would love to try the haircare from this range aswell as the herbal aloe bodywash.

Nourifusion Multi-Vitamin Cleanser is packed full of vitamins such as A, C and E. These are very important to help keep our skin hydrated, protected and boost the skins natural immune system. I was sent the normal to Oily which at first I didn't think I was going to get on with because my skin tends to lean more to the drier side. However the cleanser and toner where both fine and my skin was fine after using them both.

The cleanser is a foaming gel formulation and comes in a 200mlsize and costs £15.65 for 200ml. You need a very small amount, I would say half a pump is fine for me so I would air on the side of caution when using the pump, just so you get the most out of the bottle as possbile.

After using the cleanser I used their Multi-Vitamin Toner, again I was sent Normal to Oily. I have to say this toner has become a favourite of mine, I must admit I don't always use a toner and can be lazy using one. The smell of this particualr toner makes me want to use it and I don't forget to use it either. After cleansing I love using the toner to help remove any last traces of makeup aswell as leaving my skin feel fresh and clean. The normal to oily toner contains tea tree and eucalyptus oil. I love saturating a cotton wool ball and sweeping this across my face for an instant refreshing feel. The toner comes in 200ml and costs the same as the cleansers £15.65. The bottle has a handy stopper ontop with a small hole so you don't need to be careful unlike some toners where they can just pour out, so when you unscrew the lid you just have to squezze the bottle gently to let a few drops of toner come out.

Lastly I was lucky enough to be sent an eye gel from this range also. This comes in 15ml size and costs £24.70 which is a fair bit I think based on the results of me using this so far. I'm always on the search for the miracle eye cream, sadly I still am on the search. The eye gel contains natural ingredients such as ginseng and cucumber which does in fact cool the eye area and that's about it for my eyes. I think I need to give this more time so check back at a later date and I will update my progress.

So overall I was very happy and pleased with the products I tried and LOVE LOVE the aloe bath and body bar and the toner! I would love to try the day/night moisturiser and Face mask from the range next.

Have you tried any products from these ranges?

Thanks for stopping by :)

These products were sent to me by PR which in no way effects my opinion and is an honest review based on my personal experience.


  1. never tries anything from them. in fact, it's the first time i hear about this company.
    as my skin is permanently red and itchy and weird, i would be interested in a daily facial cream tat would help me get ridddddd of this condition.
    i shall ckeck out their site :P

  2. I've never tried this range, but I'm tempted now! haha, good review :) xx

  3. Those look interesting. I'd be especially interested in the haircare as i'm always looking for something to help with my scalp problems!

  4. Great review Sherrie, I work with Herbalife and use the inner and outer nutrition which are truly fantastic. People may order the Herbalife products at

  5. I love the skin care products from Herbalife. I have very sensitive skin, but I was amazed at how gentle they are on my skin. My face feels and looks young - I thank the lady who sent me the products to try them. She is amazing.

  6. An excellent independent review!

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  7. Fantastic review Sherrie. I use these products every day and find them fantastic! I also love the skin activator anti wrinkle creams. If you want to get them in Ireland use the website

  8. Great review!
    If anyone would like to know more about the products, or would like a free consultation feel free to contact me through my website:
    I'm based in London and more than happy to visit you in your own home if you'd like.
    See you soon!

  9. I love Herbal Life Products...I use them all the time. This website is the Best I have ever seen. I will definitely begin purchasing my Herbal Life products from this site.The prices are very reasonable.
    The women of goodluck!


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