Tuesday 19 October 2010

Peony Skincare

Peony Skincare is a new brand and is soley based around the key ingredient the white Peony extract. You can read more about the brand on their website.
I was lucky enough to recieve their facial cleanser & gold juniper exfoliating crystals aswell as a selection of samples from their other product range.

Firstly I love the headband that came with the products, I didn't own one of these before but since having it I use it every day now and can't believe how much it saves my hair getting wet!

The facial cleanser is a foaming cleanser in pump form, 100ml costs £24.25 which is quiet a few pennies. I think the reason behind the cost is down to the use of the white peony extract. The smell is very distinctive and I actually like the natural scent, you smell the peony extract but also the green tea. For me this didn't do anything majorly special however this range was developed with more mature skin in mind but they have developed moisturisers for younger skin.

I was very excited to try the Juniper exfoliating crystals, I've never tried any product like this before. I love the fact that YOU can decide the level of exfoliation your skin needs. The crystals are suitable for all skin types. I would be extra careful when using them though, as the crystals are loose. They do have a safety cap once you unscrew the lid but when using the spatula just be careful.

I love these, purely because you can decide how much to use with your cleanser to create your exfoliator. I can really notice the lavender scent in the crystals aswell as the peony extract. Using the spatula provided with the crystals you determine how much you want to use and then mix with two pumps of the cleanser. I have taken a photo showing you what this looks like.

The chances are like me you soon know how much crystals to use after a couple uses. I personally feel that only a small amount is needed as the crystals are very exfoliating if that makes sense? The crystals come in a 15 gram jar which costs £22.75 which I think is an ok price to pay for a product like this.
My skin felt super soft after using the crystals and really enjoyed and still enjoy using them.

The range also has a toner, serum, eye & lip serum, day & night creams for younger and mature skins aswell as facial masks and body lotion.

I used the toner and the serum as advised and then followed by the day & night cream for young skin. I did use this for about a week and half and then stopped because my skin started to react and I had a breakout of spots on my forehead and also on my cheeks.
I put this down to the moisturisers being too rich for my skin. The texture of the day and night creams where more of a gel-cream formula which to be honest I'm not a fan of.

However I was happy with their Pro-collagen Eye Lift & Lip Serum. I have used this day and night on my eyes and lips and my lips do seem fuller in the morning and not so dry. As for eyes I haven't as yet noticed any improvements.

Have you ever tried an eye mask? Will this certainly lives up to its name 'Instant Eye Lift Mask' with collagen and green tea extract. This was a first for me and I loved it, the eye mask is quite big and covers well over the eye and cheek bone area and above your brow bone. I was sent one of these to try but would as a special treat buy a pack of these. They come in a pack of 3 for £14.75 which when you think about it really is very good value. You are getting three treatments, so thats just under £5 each. Asoon as I placed the mask onto my eye area I instantly felt like I was in a salon somewhere, the mask is so cool and refreshing for the delicate eye area. This most definatley is a must for all you mummies out there and shift workers.
I left mine on for the suggested 10-20mins and didn't want to take it off if I'm honest. When I took off the mask I gently massaged the left over product into my eye and face area. My skin and cheek bone area felt tighter for sure and gave my skin a burst of energy that it needs right now especially with a 4 month old!

Here is a very glamorous snap shot of the eye mask in action! ha ha!

I have yet to try the hydrating facial mask, this will be my next treatment to try during the week. So check back soon to see what I thought.

If you haven't already checked out Peony Skincare then pop over to their site and have browse I totally recommend the Juniper Exfoliating crystals and their eye masks!!
They are also hoping to branch out into the 'Party Plan' business so drop them a line if this is something which would interest you.

Thanks for stopping by :)

These products were sent to me by PR which in no way effects my opinion and is an honest review based on my personal experience.

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