Sunday 17 October 2010

Liz Earle Haircare

I have been using these for just over a week now and feel I can give an honest review. At first I admit I wasn't too sure, I was left with a horrible residue on my hair when it dried it felt horrible and greasy. However I have found out what the problem was, I was using too much shampoo and therefore not rinsing my hair properly (I have thick hair). After realising what the problem was I was happy to try again and the results have been great!

I have the shampoo which I know is the only one and suitable for anyone. This truely smells sublime and refreshing. For me asoon as I pop the cap I smell a fruity concoction which is lovely first thing in the morning. Only a small amount is needed and the formulation is a creamy gel which lathers up so well . This isn't one of those shampoos where you need a handful of product to actual feel like your hair has been washed.

For the condtioner there are 3 options, normal hair, dry or damaged hair and oily hair. I picked the 3rd option for Oily hair. The formulation is much thicker and creamier which is what you would expect from a conditioner. Again you dont need alot and I only used this half way down my hair and on the ends. The scent is so natural and you can really smell all the goodness in both of these products. As with all Liz Earle products, only the best naturally sourced ingredients are used which is so appealing.

Here is a photo showing you the formulation.

Overall I have been very happy and impressed with both products. I have noticed a few positive differences in my hair since using these both. I gave birth 4 months ago and recently started experiencing the common hair loss associated with postpartum. I did start to freak out like any women would but since using Liz Earle haircare my hair has settled down and I'm not having as much fall out which is huge relief and bonus for me!
Secondly I have noticed how my hair doesn't get oily/greasy as quickly as it use to and normally I wash my hair every other day but since using these I think I could get 3 days not washing my hair if I wanted. Lastly my scalp is not dry or irritated, I know I'm using the one for oily hair but my hair normally gets greasy quickly and so then I tend to itch my scalp making the situation worse. However thanks to Liz Earle this has started to get better and I have honestly seen an improvement in my hair and the condition. I would and will purchase these.

If you haven't tried these then you can order a travel size (50ml) £4.00 but to be honest your much better off buying the 200ml £7.50.

Have you tried these? What's your thoughts?

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These products was sent to me by PR which in no way effects my opinion and is an honest review based on my personal experience.


  1. Do they contact you or did you email them? It really interests me how they do this! x

  2. Jade I emailed them mentioning my blog and asked them if they have a tester/review panel because I would love the opportunity to review some of their products and asked if they would consider me. Hope this helps x

  3. I really want to try this shampoo as I've been looking for a decent SLS free shampoo that actually works for ages!

    I have a few parcels with royal mail, so I'm sure one of them is yours! I wasn't in, but have to wait 48 hrs before I can collect! so hopefully will pick up tomorrow! x

  4. I love the conditioner - it smells so gorgeous!


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