Friday 24 September 2010

Are you Organised?

Morning my lovelies I would just like to say a big welcome to all my new followers and a big thankyou to all my fellow followers It's so enjoyable writing this blog knowing there are others out there interested in what I have to say!
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Ok so todays post is.. Organisation, are you organised? I mean in beauty terms i.e make-up storage, blog posts etc..

I have to be organised else I dont get done what I want to, or I forget so I rely and NEED lists! My friends sometime laugh and call me Monica but hey there's nothing wrong with being ontop of things!

I recently recieved this free little notebook when I ordered a top from Boden for my little boy and love it, its so pretty..

I have started to jot dot my future Reviews & blog posts which I want to blog about!

Oh and of course my Wish List I know we all have an ongoing list, how do you remember your list? I know most bloggers have their list on their blog, but do you jot it down also? Make a mental note of it? If I'm out and about or browsing through other beauty blogs I also make a note on my iPhone so I have lists everywhere!

How do you stay organised? Would love you to share your tips and advice...

Thanks for stopping by :) Please pop back soon lots of reviews coming up soon, Nip+Fab/Bare Minerals/First Light Cosmetics/Samples and lots more.


  1. Love your Mac wishlist! Everything!

    This is such a cute little notebook! xx

  2. I love to be organised. I love lists, I love colour co ordination, I love it all. I have lots of lists on my blackberry and in notepads. :)


  3. All my favourite clothes growing up were from Boden!

  4. I love being organized too. I currently use an online to do website,, which enables me to list all of my ideas and it has a handy calendar so that I can work out when I want to post them :) xx


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