Monday 20 September 2010

Victoria Moore Massage Candle = Heaven!!

As I'm writing this post all I can smell is the beautiful fragrance which fills the room, Frankincense, Jasmine & Vanilla.

I won this amazing candle by Victoria Moore the other week courtesy of R8 Beauty, you had to Re-Tweet a message. If your not already following them on Twitter I strongly suggest you do ( and also you can LIKE their fan page here. They run weekly competitions and you have good chances of winning.

The packaging is beautiful, rich & stylish!

Ok onto the review, I was chuffed to bits to win this as I've never seen nor heard about a candle which melts down to reveal a massge oil!!!?? Genius

Victoria Candles say-

Soothing GM-free soya wax, containing natural, protective anti-oxidants vitamin E & A is blended with our indulgent, deeply moisturising fusion of avocado, apricot kernel, evening primrose and vitamin E bio-active oils. This nutrient rich Massage Candle will leave your skin feeling deliciously pampered and supple as its aromas calm and heal the senses for a deeply relaxing and sensual massage experience.

Watch the video it explains everything... if only we had smell-o-vision seriously this has made my house smell lovely especially my bedroom ;)

The candle lived up to its expectations, the smell was 10/10 and the massage oil was 10/10.
I let the candle burn for the time suggested (30/40mins) and enjoyed the candle filling the room with its heavenly scent. Then I carefully blew out the candle trying not to blow oil everywhere! And poured the oil into my hands, it was a litte warm but not hot.

Warning a little oil goes a longgggggg way.

My lovely hubby enjoyed the candle and gives it 10/10 he said he looks forward to seeing me light the candle as it means he gets a massage. Yeah right love no chance my turn next ha ha!!

Thanks for stopping by :) Are you new to Massage Candles?


  1. I love that the candle also looks beautiful!

  2. I totally agree with FunnyFaceBeauty, the candle looks great !


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