Friday 24 September 2010

Classic Fit + Nail collection.

I recieved my Avon order yesterday and it only consisited of 2 items which were both sale, but very happy with both. One was an Eyeshadow by Jillian Dempsey reduced to £3.50 so pretty! Will pop that in another post soon. The other was one of their Nailwear Pro Polishes reduced to £2.50 I was also really impressed with the size your getting 12ml!!

Meet Classic Fit, this is a new colour for me and I must admit I have been on the look out for a deep Navy colour and this delivers just that!

I have just put a new order in for one of their new lipsticks half price and also another Nail Pro Polish, this is a new colour I think 'Green with Envy' and also half price £3! I did want another 2 new shades- Golden Wine & Golden Twilight. Unfortunately with my sons birthday next week we are all spent out. BUT what I love about Avon is give it another couple of catalogues and they will no doubt have another offer on :) Happy days.

I then thought it would be a good time to show you my nail collection, this is a working progress and I must admit I am really getting into my polishes now and feel my hands look naked without a polish on. Even if its a nude colour or a rich dark colour, I enjoy having them painted.

I LOVE Nails Inc polishes, this box set was from a while back on QVC. I doubt you can buy any of these colours now, except for there Bestseller-Victoria. Also there are 2 of the Free Diet coke polishes which was back in the summer.

Names from L-R are as follows : South Molton St/ Fulham Rd/Parsons green/Maida Vale/Wimbledon Park. (All 10ml)

Again Names L-R as follows : St Tropez/Victoria & Albert/Belsize Park/Queens Park/Victoria

Do you have any Nails Inc polishes? Would love to know what colours you have? My 2 freebies were in the colours London and New York! I kick myself to this day that I didn't go back and stock up on London!! If anyone knows any dupes for it please tell me.

Here are some snaps of other brands in my collection.

Barry M polishes (10ml) £2.95 in Grey my all time favourite polish, and Red sorry this polish was part of a free gift ages ago which The News of the World Fabulous magazine organized.

Boots No7 polishes 10ml £6.75 Peach Glaze/Berrylicious/Beanie.
Berrylicious is really gloopy and stringy not a great formula, were as the other 2 are fine.

Jessica Nails a whooping 14.8ml prices start from £7 I recommend Candy Nails they stock a fab range of Jessica nails. Reward Basecoat/ My Fair Lady/ Walk of Fame/ Sweet Tooth.
I did have Top Priority top coat but I didnt screw the lid back on properly and it literally superglued the lid together :( opps!! that'll teach me!

Top 5 Polishes
Nails Inc London- Creamy Pink/Nude
Nails Inc Maida Vale- Stunning Bronze metallic
Barry M Grey- Creamy Grey
Boots No7 Beanie- Creamy chocolate
Jessica Nails Sweet Tooth- Creamy Pink/Plum

So there you go... I would love to know what's in your collection. What are your top 5??

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  1. you no me sherrie have over 60 nails inc polishes.....are there any specific ones you want and i can see if i have i havnt had much response from the polish swap...some i have are brand new and i will doing a giveaway..but send me a list of what you dont have..if i have it you can have it xx

  2. I really like your blog! I've got the Classic Fit polish too and it's lovely!

  3. Ooh youve just helped me with one of my little wonderings! Theres a new salon in my (tiny) town, and on their website they had a shot of their nailpolishes. I didnt regognise the logo (couldnt see the name!) and on seeing your post, i've now figured that its the Jessica polishes that you have! Are they any good? Dont want to go for a manicure there if theyre rubbish!!

    Daisy :) x

  4. Hi sherrie i have done a shoutout on my blog for you and your giveaway as i love following your blog xx

  5. @Pinhair Thanks hun have e-mailed you :) x

    @Northencook Thanks Im wearing it today :) x

    @Daisyloves Yes the Jessica Nails polishes are great they have sooo many colours and finishes and last a long time on my fingertips. I recommend you give them a go. Let me know what you think...

  6. hey i've given you an award over at:

    =) xx

  7. Love that Avon colour. I always forget to check there, thanks for reminding me!

  8. Wow, that is an amazing collection, I'm pretty jealous :D


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