Sunday 29 August 2010

Everyone needs some Hair Supply!!!

Ok meet the Holy Grail of Hair Masks this is a MUST for everyone!! If you havent tried it then WHY NOT???

I have a 50ml size which came in the Big Thrill, this is available in 200ml at the great price of £6.
I`ve been loving this product ever since my first application, the smell is amazing and I quite often find myself just popping the lid open for my daily fix!!
I even popped this little beautie into my hospital bag when I had my little girl, it was really nice using it and made me feel at home :) especially when you have all those horrible clinical smells!!

This repair mask leaves my hair super shiny and glossy and quite often after I've used it, I get many comments asking if I've recently had my hair dyed. It really brings out the colour of my hair and makes it look lusicously rich!!
The consistency is great too, an ultra-lite gel formula which helps defrizz and hydrates your hair without it feeling heavy or thick, unlike some hair masks on the market.

Soap & Glory say Leave on 60 seconds for a daily smooth, or 3-4 minutes for a more intensive weekly treatment.

Im nearly at the end of this and sooooo happy I have a back up ready!!

Have you tried this?? If not head to Boots/Havery Nichols right away and grab yourself some Hair Supply!!!

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  1. I tried this but found it weighed my hair down :( It smells gorgeous though! Where did you get that gorgeous Soap & Glory bag from? xx

  2. This sounds great, i might have to try this as i need a new hair masque x

  3. This looks neat! I don't think we have this over in Canada but I would love to try it.
    P.S. Love the name of your blog =)

  4. Thankyou ladies for your comments x

    Kim- My Mil got the bag for me with some products in, think she got it at Boots :)shame the mask didnt work for you.

    Nicoletta- Let me know what you think, I love it!!

    Miss*Kimmy- Glad you like my blog,I`m always tweaking it x


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