Saturday 28 August 2010

TAG!! 7 Ultimate Make-up sins...

Ok I`ve just made this up not sure if something similar has been done before BUT here goes...

1. Have you ever gone to bed with your make-up on? Yes
2. Have you ever over plucked your eyebrows? Oh Yes!!
3. Not cleaning your brushes regulary? No
4. Not blending your foundation in properly? Yes
5. Applying too much foundation/concealer to hide imperfections? Yes
6. Gone out with too dark a foundation? Nope
7. Applied Lipstick to chapped lips? Yes

Well that says alot about me!! ha ha 6/7!!

I TAG everyone & anyone who would like to do this, please feel free to link back to me.

Still hoping for another 20 followers then Giveaway time :)

Thanks for stopping by :)

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