Thursday 19 August 2010

Bonus time for me :)

My Mil loves Clinique and she normally gets something when they have their bonus time on, which is quite often seeings we have Boots, HOF and Debenhams by us.

She normally gives me the free make-up bag and other items which she knows she wont use. Well over the past 6months I have had my own bonus time lol :) I tend to just put the small freebies in a bag and use them as and when.

Well Boots recently had one on and she brought over another lot of goodies and I decided to get ALL of them out.

Heres Boots free gift ( I think its Boots ) There was some skincare freebies with this gift but thats what my Mil uses so she took them out.

I loved this little compact and wanted to show you the pretty :)

This little combo is perfect if you were going away and just wanted something simple and small.
Colour Surge eyeshadow duo - Pink Slate aswell as their Blushing Blush powder blush - Iced Lotus. Both of these are permanent colours from their Make-up range.

So here is my BONUS TIME :) I have 4 make-up bags I must admit I only like 2 of them and thats the 1st & 3rd ones.

I`ve used a few mascaras already and love their High Impact Curling Mascara it has brilliant staying power, but is a nightmare to get off!! I dont use waterproof mascara but this feels like what a waterproof would feel like I guess. It coats the lashes lovely and the curled wand is just the right size. Whereas their normal High Impact mascara doesnt last aslong... you get the normal worn off look at the end of day and it does smudge etc... The brush is ok, but for me its the High Impact Curling Mascara all the way...

I`ve also tested the Shimmering stripes powder blusher 03 Almond Blossom, this I have to say is LUSH!!!!!!!! It gives such a lovely shimmer and natural glow. I use this over the top of my Prestigue pink blusher and it gives it the wow factor. BUT I was sad to find out that they dont have this permantly?? Well thats what I thought :(

Up-Lighting Liquid illumintor 01 natural is another lovely product which highlights and contours brow bones and cheeks. This is in their permanent range, I would be interested to try their other colours.

I have a few of their freebie brushes which are great for travel .

Whats been the best free product from a gift you`ve had?? And have you then re-purchased it in full size???

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Ooo I love them make up bags! so pretty. I tend to always order online, but I really should purchase in store. Is there a certain amount you have to spend at Clinique to get the free gift?


  2. The best freebie I have ever got has been this turquoise eye-shadow from 17 like ages ago ( I can't even remember which designer promotion this it was from) but it broke and went everywhere. I was gutted:( Couldn't repurchase unfortunately!

    Ooooh btw it looks like you picked up pretty good

  3. Jo- Yeah you should try and buy instore when they have their Bonus Time... theres not an amount you need to spend, BUT sometimes it may be that your required to buy 2 skincare etc.. but normally its just 2 products :) x

    Jane- what a shame!! have you managed to find a daupe? thanks for the comments x


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