Friday 20 August 2010

I heart Boudoir

This is my perfume collection, I have recently finished D&Gs light blue which is a lovely soft perfume for me, its not heavy like most of my perfumes. Which tbh was a nice change as I do like heavy fragrances.....

I LOVE!!!!!!!!!! this perfume and have done for years since we first met many moons ago :)

Sadly its hard to get hold of body products from this range now.. BUT im lucky and have the body cream which is in a stunning heavy glass jar with the famous signature gold orb on the lid.

I also have the bath oil and a small sample of the perfumed gold veil dusting powder. I`m very sad to say that a couple years ago I sold the full sized Gold veil Powder to gain some extra cash and look back now and wished i never did :( but onwards and upwards I still have the body cream and of course the perfume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My second love is Michael Kors for women :) I LOVE this and I`m currently saving up my pennies to buy this in HOF/Debenhams when they have their Spectacular later on this autumn, least I will get 10% off ;)

Your prob thinking why has she got a photo of Tess Dalys body product range?? Well.... no im not going crazy ( for a change ) but when my hubby bought me this for xmas asoon as I smelt it, it instantly reminded me of Michael Kors for women. I was so in love I went on M & S website to see if she did a perfume... not that Tess could replace my love for Michael but she could certainly stand in until I have Michael in my hands :) BUT sadly no :( its just body products and a couple facial bronzers.

Oh well not long now... before myself & michael are reacquainted lol :) but for now I can just lust after it....
Another LOVE is Angel by Thierry Mugler.... I must admit this is a close second with Michael. I`m now on my 3rd bottle and my Mil kindly bought me the refillable star for xmas last year :) which I havent yet opened. Its brill as my Debenhams do the refills for this :)

A couple years ago though I was in M&S and was browsing through their beauty section and was drawn to one of their perfumes packaging..... as you can see from the photo below it very much ressembles a very famous perfume...... Angel!!!!!!!!!!! I thought to myself surely its not going to smell like Angel... and low and behold it bloody will did!! Well as you can imagine i was like a mad woman possessed!! I bought 2 of their mini sprays which i carry in my handbag and bought a full sized bottle of it and they had 3 for 2 on which was even better!! I only paid about a £10er for the lot :)
Ok i know its NOT Angel but it`s a very close second. Plus it is an EDT so doesnt last aslong. But its defo served its purpose in my perfume collection :) And sadly will be missed once its all gone as M&S no longer stock this... I wonder why???? ha ha

What is your all time love ( perfume that is lol ;) ??

Thanks for stopping by :)

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  1. Fab collection hunny. I too love heavy sexy frangrances. Ive just added another scent to my collection. Look out for a blog post on it, in a couple of days ;)



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