Friday 1 June 2012

Father's Day Gift Ideas- Part 1

With 'Father's Day' just around the corner I thought I would help you all and give you guys some ideas. Seeings as there's quite a few ideas I thought I would separate them into two parts.

Now I don't know about you but my father-in law and my grandad don't really take it upon themselves to go and treat themselves to a nice aftershave or a nice body wash or facial lotion. So I think Father's Day is nice to treat them with something they wouldn't normally think of buying themselves. So I have a selection of face, hair, body and fragrance to share with you all Oh and something which involves phones!

YARDLEY- Citrus & Wood
Yardley have recently launched a new gents fragrance which would ,make the perfect Father's Day gift. A masculine mix of citrus notes and woody scents makes this fragrance perfect for day and night time. I think the packaging is great, it's fresh yet modern at the same time. Citrus & Wood is currently on offer and normally costs £12.50 but you can pick one up for £8.33. There's also other products to compliment the fragrance so pop over for a look.

Neal & Wolf- Ritual
Men don't often think about Shampoo and other hair products, well I think Dad's don't anyway. Neal & Wolf have a great range of stylish Hair care products suited for all hair types. I think their Daily Cleansing Shampoo and Pliable Paste would make the perfect combo for any gent! They smell great also, plus the packaging is masculine and not overly feminine which is also nice I think.

Casemate iphone Cases
I think these would make great gifts especially if your dad enjoys his gadgets and likes to keep up to date with the latest trends. Both these cases are by the brand Case*Mate, they have heaps of other designs on their website. You can also have a personalised cover made which I think is pretty cool!
You can view the different ranges online here

Lush- DAD
Lush have a great range of men's products which are both quirky and fun, they have a special Father's Day Gift set which would be great to pick up if you're rushed for time. It's also gift wrapped which is fab! I think for £12.95 this is well worth the pennies.

Inside the gift set you get the 100g Bottle of DIRTY Shower Gel, Sea Vegetable Soap & the Big Blue bath ballistic which smells so good. I would use this, never mind the men ha ha! 

So there you go peeps, I hope this post has helped you with some ideas.

Sherrie xoxo

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