Friday 3 February 2012

My skin saviour

My skin has been acting a little odd recently not sure if it's a 'womanly' thing or the seasons? I've kept to the same routine for a couple months now so I know it's not a new product, not that I can think of anyway.
Thankfully to try and keep my dry flaky parched skin at bay I've been reaching for Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel.

As you know I'm very much an Elemis fan and would recommend their products to everyone both ladies and gents! Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel is for all skin types and is not your typical facial exfoliator, I mean it doesn't have the granules or beads which you would expect from an exfoliator. However it does have natural fresh fruit enzymes which eat away at your dead skin cells. SEE! I knew I would get your attention, if you're anything like me this may not be a product you would normally try. I use to enjoy using a facial scrub that had beads and granules and to be honest I still do but not as much. My skin has really changed in the last year and needs more TLC. It really has gone combination dry, I still get hormonal blemishes but get really dry parched cheeks and forehead!

Elemis say-

Natural fruit enzymes of exfoliating Papaya and calming Pineapple smooth and clarify the complexion. This rinse-off exfoliating cream contains nourishing Milk Protein, Anti-Oxidant rich Vitamin E and Marine Algae to Moisturise, repair, and Protect Skin. Perfect for complexions which are sensitive or mature.


The peel acts as a lovely facial masque and exfoliator which is perfect for my skin. The smell is lovely and fruity, I've been using this once a week for a month now and so glad I have. There's nothing worse than applying foundation to dry flaky skin and seeing the foundation patchy!


I would love to know what your 'SKIN SAVIOURS' are?


Sherrie xoxo

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