Saturday 4 February 2012

Some useful Toddler Tools!

Hello everyone I hope you are all wrapped up warm on a very cold weekend! I've been busy looking at some great products for toddlers, if you're a parent then you'll know all about hair washing and toddler tantrums. If you're a new parent then you have all these joys to come so keep reading so when these little habits arise you'll already be prepared with your 'Toddler Tools' at the ready.

The first part of my 'Toddler Tools' has to be this ingenious idea of a snack pot! I currently use a snack pot for my toddler and she loves taking her snack pot everywhere we go, I must admit it's become a safety net for myself because it seems to be the one item which gets her to sit in her buggy or in her car seat! Yep as soon as I wave the snack pot she is transfixed and already thinking what goodies lies in store. Whilst she is dreaming of raisins and cookies I'm able to quickly get her strapped in and then we are good to go!  Now whilst she's in her buggy or car seat her snack pot which resembles a silicone spider lid where she can put her hand through and pick up her snack is fine when it's upright. However because this snack pot has had a lot of love and washing the lid is no longer functional and when indoors I often find trails of raisins or snacks where she's been playing. She bends down with the snack pot in her hands and then out falls the snacks. I have however found a very good product which I think might solve this problem, the Boon Stylish Snack Ball does not look like your typical snack pot, but in fact a ball.

This is actually a really good idea, I'm sure some of you have been stuck somewhere waiting like at the doctors or dentist? Wouldn't this be great to keep your little entertained? The problem I have though is I live on a hill and have thoughts of my dropping it and then it rolling down the gill and then me doing a mad sprint to fetch it! Ha ha I bet that would be a funny sight to see.

The snack balls come different colour combos and retail for £6.99 but I found some of the colour combos a little cheaper on offer at the moment online from Lula Sapphire.


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