Tuesday 6 December 2011

The wonders of raw Organic Coconut Oil

Ive been using a new product not only for my hair but also in my food! Raw coconut oil is packed full of goodness which I truly never knew. After a lot of tweeting an reading up on the product I finally braved it and used it in my hair first and could not believe how good my hair smells after using this and the condition of my hair is amazing! Even my friends and family have commented on how healthy and shiny my hair looks. I have a huge 500g jar by the brand Viridian.



The raw coconut oil is solid in the jar but once it comes into contact with heat it starts to melt very quickly. My favourite way of using it is by taking a generous teaspoon maybe a little bit more and warming it up in the palm of my hand. Then rubbing my plans together and massaging into my scalp and hair. I often suffer from a dry itchy scalp and this is amazing for it. Not only is this natural but it's organic which is even better. I need massage the oil into the rest of hair. I do have thick hair so need to use more of it. However if you have shorter or finer hair be careful as you don't need a lot. This is great for all the family and will certainly last you a longer time!


I adore the scent of coconut and have done so since a young child and have lovely memories of my mum combing Coconut conditioner through my hair. Viridian recommend to use coconut oil topically and leave in the hair and the scalp over night then wash out the next day. I've tried that it works amazing! I've also done a quick fix and applied this in the evening and then clipped up my hair for 15mins and the rinsed out and washed my hair as normal and I still get lovely scented soft shiny hair.

Raw organic coconut oil can be used in so many ways, I even added a teaspoon to my coffee earlier which tasted rather yummy!


Viridian Organic Raw Coconut Oil retails at £14 for a 500g tub and is available from all good independent health stores nationwide.


Have you tried raw organic coconut oil for your hair?

Sherrie xoxo


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