Saturday 26 November 2011

Get Wild With Batiste!

Hello everyone, I hope you're all well and having a nice weekend so far. I've been meaning to blog about a very kind surprise parcel which I kindly received through the post. If you're a leopard print fan like myself then this will be leopard print heaven for you, if not then I'm sure you're still think Lenny is cute! Batiste have launched a new Dry Shampoo called Wild, sassy and daring!

I've been reaching for Wild once a week to help me get through the 3rd day of shampooing , I don't like to wash my hair every day so if I can i will try and go three days if possible. However normally on the 3rd day I do need a helping hand and that's where Batiste come in. They are the Uk's No1 Dry Shampoo and I can totally see why. I've tried a few from their range and love Blush but think Wild may be right up next to it now for scent wise.

 Batiste say-

Wild is for daring girls who are in touch with their animal instinct. A feisty Oriental fragrance with loads of personality, it's the perfect partner when you’re out on the prowl.

I'm sure you'll all agree with me when I say the packaging is fab and by far the best design! Well I think so anyway.

What I thought was extra special was the way the package was put together, everything had been well thought out. Lenny the leopard was a cute added extra and sadly does not normally come with Bastiste Wild. In my surprise package was also a pair off super cute leopard print flats which are perfect for around the house!

Have you seen the new dry shampoo Wild? Would you like to unleash your inner animal? Then head to your local Boots where you can pick up a can or two!

Batitse Wild is exclusive to Boots, so make sure you pick up a backup if you like it because I can see these selling out quickly. These would make great inexpensive stocking fillers, I love how batiste now have their cans available in different sizes now.You can see the full range here

Wild is available in 200ml  and costs £2.99 which is a steal.

I hope you're all having a roaring weekend!

Sherrie x0x0



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