Monday, 11 April 2011

Florida Grapefruit Project & A healthy Start...

Good Morning I am feeling very positive and motivated today, this week I start my Florida Grapefruit project and my own healthy lifestyle routine. I have taken comfort in bad habits such as snacking on naughty foods, drinking lots of tea & coffee, going bed late and no exercise!

I was approached on twitter if I would be interested in taking part in a project encouraging people to take 15 mins every morning to prepare sit and enjoy your breakfast. Now if I'm honest sometimes I skip breakfast which I know is bad but I always put my children first and so make them breakfast then clear up and then by the time I'm ready to sit down I'm either not hungry or I just can't be bothered. This came at the right time as I have been feeling crappy about myself and how my body feels.

So I will be keeping a daily food diary recording my breakfast and other meals throughout the day and also my fluid intake. I have swapped Tea & Coffee for Green Tea which is fine and I've been drinking this for a week now and actually enjoy it.

♥ Soothes Stress, Burns fat, anti-oxidants, boosts brain power & heaps more ♥

My favourite fruits are Kiwi, Melon, Berries, Mango and Grapes, what do you think when you see freshly cut fruit? I think how delicious and healthy it looks, what are your favourite fruits?

So my goals are-

♥ Eat healthier
♥ Drink Water & Green Tea
♥ Go bed Earlier
♥ Take time out to read my books
♥ Do my 30-Day Shred every day

Amongst healthy eating I will be also starting my 30-day shred which I will stick to this time!
END GOAL----->>> Well I can dream can't I?? ha ha I bet she's not had 2 children or a C-section!

So what are YOU doing to be healthy and feeling better about your body?


  1. Good luck on your goal!!
    I'm also start exercising with Jillian Michael's 30 days shred. OH boy, it is not easy-! though I feel greatly motivated.

    Have a nice healthy day, Sherrie!

  2. 30 day shred? sounds interesting?
    Ive just 20mins of a Ministry of Sound workout dvd and now Im knackered..I must add that about 15mins of that was just warm up..hahaha! Oh dear. xx


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