Tuesday 12 April 2011

Brush Washing, Brush cleanser vs Shampoo?

How often to you wash your makeup brushes? I tend to wash mine once a week with a baby shampoo from Boots. I have used a lovely Boots coconut shampoo before which was nice but never tried an actual brush cleanser.

I know E.l.f have their purse friendly brush cleanser which costs a very reasonable £ 3.50 (250ml) this can be used daily which is a bonus!

Where as mac have their Brush cleanser costing £ 8.50 (233ml)

Here's my routine in a nutshell..

I use Boots baby shampoo or Coconut shampoo whichever I have and seeings I have 2 little ones I always have baby shampoo.
I squezze pea sized amount into the palm of my hands and with the tap running I wet the brush and then swirl it around in my hand to wash it.

Rinse it off and give it a good 'flick' and then re-shape the brush hairs if needed and lay out on a tea towel or hand towel. Here's my brushes catching some rays &hearts

And Ta da nice clean brushes for week.

What do you lovelies do? How do you wash your brushes and how often??


  1. I always used that baby shampoo to wash my brushes and it always did a good job, however I use a mac 187 for my foundation every day and it gets absolutely filthy. So much so that 3 or 4 washes with the baby shampoo wouldn't make it even kind of white :( so last week I cracked and used hand wash soap on my 187 and it made it sooo perfectly white and clean for once! I know it's prob really bad for the brush but now it's as good as new :o) xxx

  2. I try to wash my foundation brush every time I use it and my other ones every 3 days. I use Head & Shoulders shampoo, as I think it removes the stains quite well.

  3. I'm naughty when it comes to washing my brushes. I probably do it once every 1-2 months *slaps own hand* but when I do I either use a gentle shampoo, usually a baby one, or most recently I've been using my L'Occitane liquid soap which is really gentle. I should stop being so lazy and wash them more often! x

  4. I'm bad when it comes to cleaning brushes, do it about once a month....naughty i know :( When i do clean them i use johnson and johnson baby shampoo...only 99p from 99p shop :):)

  5. I gave you The Versatile Blogger Award on my blog. Do check it out! XX

  6. I use handwash..does the job and there's always some in the house lol x


  7. I feel like a fool now! I bought the MAC Brush cleanser and i have to say, i absolutley hate it! It doesn't really clean my brushes that well and i feel it makes them a bit oily!!

    Going to get some baby shampoo!

    Thanks for this lovely post :) xx

  8. I tend to use daily brush cleaner from elf as quick fix, when i want to re use instantly my favourite dirty brush. I use shampoo when I want to 'deep clean', any normal shampoo or even some hand wash liquid (you know the kind, with a pump and that) :) xx


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