Sunday 10 April 2011

YouTube Ideas??

I have started doing YouTube videos again and have been enjoying it so far, however I'm a little stuck on ideas for videos and don't want to just film any old rubbish.

So I though you were my guys for ideas and inspiration, what would YOU like to see??


  1. Perhaps look of the day? or if you like lipgloss, how can you make it last? do you have any recommendation on what is best lipgloss? I love using it but reapplying it or even some lipgloss are too sticky to my taste. I would like to hear your opinion!

    Have nice day , Sherrie !

  2. I am planning on starting a youtube too! Ideas I have for my channel to start are "get ready with me", Top 5 lipsticks, gloss, mascara whatever, Whats in my purse and Monthly favourites! You should try some of those :o) xxxx

  3. Tags are always interesting I think. What's In My Bag, Boyfriend/Husband tags?, Room Tours, Hauls etc? x


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