Monday, 28 March 2011

Get Dirty with Lush

Todays review is courtesy of my lovely husband, he has been trying out some products from Lush's new range DIRTY.

Dirty Toothy Tabs are solid toothpaste tabs, at first I thought they were mints but soon realised they weren't when I read the back. After following the instructions on the back I popped one in my mouth which I crushed between my teeth as suggested, then began brushing my teeth and it tasted unpleasant. For me the soap taste was too overpowering and the taste of Spearmint was very subtle. If this was the other way round I think I would get on better using them.

£2.00 9g

Next up is Dirty Hair Styling Cream the texture is just right nice and creamy unlike a wax which can linger on your hands for a while and also is a pain to wash out. This is easy to apply doesn't leave my hands greasy and doesn't feel caked in my hair. The scent is a bonus, you can smell it all day and doesn't fade. I recently had my hair cut shorter and found it good for both longer and shorter styles. My only critism would be that at the end of the day when the product has dried in it leaves my hair feeling thick and dirty and so I have to wash it out of my hair before going bed rather than just rinsing my hair. Overall this is a good product and I'm still getting lots of use out of it.

£5.95 100g

Without Styling Cream With Styling Cream

Next up is my favourite product out of the range and thats the Dirty Shower gel it covers really well without lathering up loads. A small amount goes a long way, it almost feels like it leaves a layer of moisture on the skin. My skin feels soft and not dry like some shower gels, the scent is nice and fresh which is great for first thing in the morning. The colour of the shower gel is really smart.

£8.50 250g

Thanks to my lovely hubby for this post, if you fancy treating the man in your life then try out the New DIRTY range at your local store or pop online.

These items where sent by PR which in no way affects my opinion, this is an honest review based on my own personal thoughts.


  1. Interesting! must try these out... Can't help thinking that the toothy tab things are just a novelty though x x

  2. Aw fab reviews from your hubby! x

  3. Your hubby does a great review! :) Love the thought of the toothpaste tabs for travelling but can do without a gob full of soap!

  4. I have never heard of the Dirty tooth tabs. Just thinking of chewing on something then brushing my teeth turns me off haha.

    Wonderful post though! I always love seeing guys join in on it!

  5. Awh I saw this, but I hate the smell of the shower Gel!

  6. I tried the tooth tabs. Agreed on the weird taste =/


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