Monday, 28 March 2011

Chloe Rose

As you are probably all aware I'm a perfume addict! I adore perfume so much and find each perfume so interesting, down to the bottle, the scent, the notes and all the hard work which has gone into producing the perfume.

There's no surprise to find that I have fallen in love with Chloe Rose which is limited edition *sob* pass the tissues ladies! The bottle alone is stunning, for me the the vibrant hot pink ribbon sets this bottle apart, if this was on a counter of perfumes I know I would be drawn to this.

A bouquet of roses with a velvety heart interlacing floral notes of magnolia and lily of the valley, enhanced with honeyed accents of amber and cedar wood.

Heart Notes

Top Notes

Base Notes

If you are a floral, rose devotee then I suggest you have a spray of this next time you are at The Perfume Shop.

Chloe Rose is an EDP so will last longer on the skin than your normal EDT, because this is Limited Edition this is only available in a 50ml and retails £51.50.

Have you tried this pretty perfume?


  1. oooo myyy! defo will have to try this! it's beautifuuul xxx

  2. oo i will have to try this! xxx


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