Tuesday 15 February 2011

Bonacure Sensitive Soothe

Hello my lovelies, following on from my last haircare review I had the chance to try some more Schwarzkopf hair care products. This time from their sensitive range, I suffer from a very sensitive scalp as some of you may already know. So these products have been very muched appreciated.

Sensitive Soothe Shampoo
Sensitive Soothe Conditioner
Sensitive Soothe Scalp Serums

Sensitive Soothe Scalp Serums 8x 7mls

I was very intrigued to try the serums, I must say though the formula is not like a facial serum but more of a liquid. I was lucky and have learnt my lesson when trying products for the first time so I was very gentle when I unscrewed the nozzle to use the serum. You have 8 serums within the box and these are all 7mls each, because of their liquid formulation I would predict these would last you a long time.

Schwarzkopf say-
Soothing and calming, this scalp serum has been created for dry and sensitive scalps that are prone to irritation. By gently balancing the natural pH-value of the scalp, the serum reduces irritation and itchiness.

I also read these serums are great to use after you have dyed your hair, I know when I have dyed my hair my scalp can get red and sore so these are great for this. I have been using mine as and when I feel my scalp is irritated.

Sensitive Soothe Shampoo 250ml

The scent of the shampoo and conditioner is very fresh and clean thanks to the Aloe Essence, scent makes such a difference to me and this particular scent is so natural and not your typical fragrant scent. The shampoo felt and lathered well and felt light on the hair.

Schwarzkopf say-
A mild shampoo to sensitively cleanse the scalp without causing irritation. Suitable for all hair types, this delicate shampoo is the only product in the range to use mild sugar tensides, which offer light cleansing and protection without over burdending the hair.

Sensitive Soothe Conditioner 200ml

I have and am still enjoying using the conditioner, the description below is exactly how I feel about it, the texture is rich and creamy yet it doesn't weigh the hair down. It's very easy to rinse out and leaves the hair feeling refreshed and clean.

Schwarzkopf say-
Rich and creamy, this daily use conditioner cares and conditions all hair types whilst preventing irritation on sensitive scalps.

Sensitive scalps are so common 1 in 3 people complain of a scalp irritation, whether it be dandruff, itchy, soreness or imflammed. All this complaints are brought on by factors such as stress, environment, chemical treatments, heated applicances and many more factors. Do you suffer from any scalp problems?
For me I think its the mixture of ingredients within products, stress and chemical treatments.

After searching I found an online shop Want the Look which currently has this range on a special of 3 for 2 and plus FREE P&P.

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