Monday 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day Sweeties

Happy Valentines Day my
Love Birds

Aren't these Love Birds the cutest thing? I actually have a soft spot for love birds, guess what? I ♥ them funnily enough ha ha! Ok sorry for the lame pun I couldn't help myself!

Following on from my last Lush post if you read this then you will know I had Frog Prince & Amandopondo to try out. Over the weekend I used both of these and my was so won over by Amandopondo, this is by far my favourite bubble bar from Lush I think it could be joint favourite with Candy Cane.


Lush describe Amandopondo as-

Sweet orange, lemon and rose oils ease a troubled mind and a worried heart. Fans of our Ring of Roses soap will love Amandopondo's familiar fragrance, perfect for new beginings.

From the moment I opened this the sweet aroma was bliss, I was pleasantly surprised about the generous size of Amandopondo. So I broke her in half so I could be greedy and get 2 lovely relaxing baths out if. Do you break your bars up so you get more uses? Or does it depend on the size of the bubble bar?

Seeings I only used half of Amandopondo the amount of bubbles which where floating around was unreal there were so many! It was really pretty to see mountains of glistening bubbles, I don't know about you my lovelies but don't you think a bath always looks more enticing when you have heaps of bubbles to delve into?

Prince Charming A.K.A Frog Prince is so sweet! Look at those big red lips, I think the frog carries them off better than I ever could.


Lush describe Frog Prince as-
Give him a quick peck, drop him into a nice warm tub and let him fizz away revealing a real life Lush Prince in your bath! Frog Prince is a brand new fragrance packed with jasmine, rose, rosewood and neroli. This frog makes for a very regal bathing experience indeed.

My son loved droping Frog Prince into the depths to fizzle away, I laughed when I saw him fizz and all I could see was these big red juicy lips! The bath soon turned into a green lagoon which my son thought was great.

As mentioned in the description the scent is different and I really like it, and also this little surprise was nice!

So there you go my lovelies whether your sharing Valentines Day with a loved one or not TREAT yourself LOVE yourself. Do something for YOU today!

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  2. awwh the picture of those 2 birdies,
    so adorable!
    Lovin' that colour made by the Frog Prince!

  3. love your blog! m a follower :). btw i have a pair of love birds named lemon and melon cuz one's yellow the other green! they are so cute n furry! I think i'll try amandopondo, luv lush!

  4. You definitely made me want to take a LUSH bath!
    Happy Valentines Day!

  5. Thanks ladies hope you had a fun day x

  6. the frog is amazing ! I love Lush's comets


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