Thursday 17 February 2011

Liz Earle EyeBright & Lip Shimmer

EyeBright has become my daily companion, helping me to wake up and give me the kick I need!
As some of you already know I was blessed with dark circles which have been the bane of my life!
Whilst I believe I will never get rid of these I do believe I can try and help them long a little.

£9.70 for 150ml or a travel size 50ml £4.85.

Eyebright is my 'Wake me up before you go go' just when I though I had finished waking up in the middle of the night, my daughter of 8 months has now decided to wake up at 1am for play!
First thing in the morning I soak 2 cotton pads with eyebright and just for a few seconds place them on my eyes and this really wakes me up but also feels so cool on the eyes. Then a couple times a week when I have my pamper night which only consists of a nice hot bath, face mask, bath ballistic or bath salts I use Eyebright again but as a proper compress.

Aloe Vera
Cornflower Extract
Witch Hazel

Eyebright can be used on the most sensitive of eyes as well as contact lens wearers!

£4.60 5g pot

Sheer Pink Lip Shimmer has been very much welcomed in my lip balm collection. You always need a lip balm or salve on hand. I always have one in the car, in my handbag, in the changing bag, in my bedroom the list goes on. Sheer Pink Shimmer gives you more than just hydration but a very soft subtle sheen on the lips which is very pretty.

Vitamin E
Rosehip Oil

As with all Liz Earle products the scent is impressive, you can really detect the essential oils. This is well worth £4.60 and recommend you try it.


  1. The eye bright is just what i need this morning. Who thought this having kids was a good idea? Ha
    I didnt know liz earle did this lipbalm either, what a bargain. xx

  2. Morning Sherrie, I too am a fan of Eyebright, have been using it for years, always have a bottle in the house, I used it on my youngest daughter when she was a baby, she had severe conjunctivitis, I would use Eyebright in the morning to gently bathe her eyes. I also used it last year when my cat had Kittens, I bathed the kittens' eyes in it when they were a few weeks old and trying to open their eyes. I use it on myself when I am on the early shift to refresh my eyes. It's a fab product that has so many uses.

    Jude xx @jadlgw

  3. Everything from Liz Earle looks amazing. I love the idea of Eyebright. I may have to get that. Thanks for the lovely review.

  4. @Jude thats a brill idea using it for conjunctivitis my baby girl had it a little while ago and my son! I will remember this next time! x


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