Monday 17 January 2011

Save all your kisses for me...

Well you would've seen in the shops that Valentines Day is already the next event on our calendars and so I wanted to share with you this sweet review. Why not hint to your Valentine you would like something which you can use over and over again... If not treat yourself.

Denman have produced this super sweet Kiss Print hair brush in their Classic D3 Styling brush. I have taken a few photos because this brush is so nice not only to look at but because the D3 Classic styling brush is fab!

I particularly like how strong and sturdy the handle is, the amount of times I have used brushes over the years and the handle just seems so seperate from the head of the brush, often loose.

The kisses are silver and printed on the front and a few on the back of the brush to continue the effect.

The bristles are another strong feature of this classic styling brush, not only in this instance are they a pretty lilac colour but they are nylon and with the combination of the anti-static rubber pad, you wont get the annoying static hair which is often found with other hair brushes.
When I use this my head feels so relaxed and the bristles don't feel scratchy or snag the hair. If anything it feels like a massage on the head! I know I have said that before about the brushes but they are seriously that good.

This brush is great for styling your hair with easy control and grip of the brush, blow-drying is much easier and not such a chore.
I think if any anything thing YOU should treat yourself to this Loveable brush and give your hair a kiss everyday. Awhh can you feel the love? ha ha ♥ Well you better because I was trying to think of something to write for ages!

Deman Brushes are such an investment and well worth the money, and what's even better is the price they are very much affordable brushes which everyone likes.

The Classic Denman D3 costs £7.31 and is available from and a selection of Boots, Superdrug, Sainsbury's, John Lewis, independant chemists and some hair dressing salons.

Thanks for stopping by :)

♥I was sent this brush for review purposes only and have given a true and honest review. I have NOT been paid for this review♥


  1. the brush looks very interesting - and i love the design! xxx

  2. Such a cute brush. Ive heard a lot about this company recently. Do they make bigger paddle brushes do you know? I have such crazy thick hair I would snap this size brush in a minute.
    Great review!

  3. such a pretty looking brush, I recently got the coconut scented Denman, absolute love!! I just love sitting in front of the box and combing coconut scented tresses! ;)

    Aysh xoxo

  4. Hahahaa stores get so ahead for holidays! I saw valentines stuff just during Christmas! :O

  5. Hahahaa stores get so ahead for holidays! I saw valentines stuff just during Christmas! :O

  6. Such a cute design! Sounds brill! x

  7. Thanks for your comments ladies :) always brings a smile to my face xx

    @FunnyFaceBeauty Yes they have a HUGE selection of different syling brushs of different shapes and size! x

    @Aysh!! I LOVE coconut bet its lovely! x

  8. what a nicely written post, thats an adorable brush indeed!!!! *is drooling*


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