Sunday 16 January 2011

Cool & Warm Shades

Hello! This is just a quick post as I'm really into my book and want to finish it today ♥
Yesterday I used the ever popular Naked palette by Urban Decay and loved the cool tones I used. Today I did the opposite and went for warm tones and wanted to share with you the looks I created.

This was my FOTD yesterday using the cool shadows from the palette, I love this look.

♥ Click on photo to enlarge ♥

This is todays FOTD using the bronze and warm plum shadow, which I also like.

♥ Click on photo to enlarge ♥

Sorry the lighting is not good, these photos are taken with my flash on! The weather has been so miserable and dark all weekend. I hope you can see the difference between using warm and cool tones on your face.
Which tones do you tend to use? I know your hair colour can make a huge difference. I think being a dark brunette I am lucky and can use most shadows except I find purples and pinks do not suite me.

If you would like any of names of the shadows I used then please just ask

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. yaay! more of this please xxxx

  2. Thanks :) Im going to do more FOTDs :) x

  3. Lovely. I tend to go for the warm shades, but it's not a given. Both can work out fine, I guess I have a flexible kind of skin tone. I just need to stay away from berry colors on my lips because they make my teeth look yellow.

  4. Two great looks from such an awesome palette. Gorgeous as always
    What book are you reading?? xx

  5. I'm dying to track down that palette. Hopefully it'll be available to me soon. I'm so jealous of everyones looks with it!

  6. @Dalaluz At the moment with srping and summer around the corner im reaching for warm/bronze colours :) x

    @FunnyFaceBeauty Thanks hun! Im reading Jodi Picoult Harvesting the heart :) x

    @SweetLikeJelly The palette is gorgeous!!Hope you manage to snap one up soon x

  7. Gorgeous hun, you have lips to die for!



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