Thursday 16 September 2010

50 Follower Giveaway **CLOSED**

YAY!! I've made 50 followers and as promised I 'm now doing a giveaway to thank all my followers.
I have only been blogging for a short time but love it and enjoy sharing my reviews and my thoughts on products with you all. It means alot to read your comments so please keep them coming ;)
I really feel part of the beauty blogs community now thanks to you guys. xxxxx

All items were lovingly picked and bought by me, I've picked items that I would want and use myself!

Ok here's whats up for grabs....

*Click on photo to see bigger photo*

(1) Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm (Cherry)
(2) St Ives Apricot Scrub 30ml
(3) Hello Kitty Lip Gloss (Pink Devil)
(4) Barry M Nail Paint (Grey 293) This is still my all time fav polish!
(5) Montagne Jeunesse Green Tea Peel Off Masque
(6) 'I Love Beauty' compact mirror

And then saving the best till last................

(7) Hello Kitty Make-up bag
This is gorgeous and so pretty inside! I had to buy one for me aswell ;)

OK now for the boring but important part.


1. You must be a follower of my blog THROUGH GOOGLE to enter, PLEASE PRESS THE FOLLOW BUTTON ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE. Sorry for any confusion. Old & new followers welcome!

2. For one entry simply type "enter me pretty please" in the comments below & suggest something you would like to see on my blog...( Please comment on this post! )

3. For an extra 2 entries either blog about my giveaway or post a photo & link in your sidebar. Giving you a total of 3 entries! Please comment below letting me know you've done this and remember to add a link to your blog so I can check!

4. I'm going to be old school and write everyones name down on paper and pull the winner out of a hat!! So don't forget if you do both of the above your name will be written 3 times !! More chance of winning :)

5. Closing date for entries will be midnight GMT on the 7th October so in 3 weeks time.

6. If you are under 16 please get your parent's consent, as I will need your address if you win.

7. Winner will be notified on my blog within 24hrs once the giveaway has ended so please check back to see if you've won!! As I will need you to send me your postal details.

8. You must be an active blogger and any blogs made for this giveaway will not be included!

Ok Thanks peeps... GOOD LUCK xx


  1. Hey there - well done on getting to 50! Can you enter me pretty please?! Keep up the good work - I like review posts! xx

  2. Aw thank you for this :)
    & I still can't believe we live in the same city!
    Enter me please! & I like arts and crafts/making things posts, but if you're not into that I love basically anything, especially nail posts :) x

  3. heyylloo!! cograts on 50 followers! i'm waiting to reach that to run a competition of my own! fingers crossed soon!
    Could you please enter me? I'm going to try this picture post on the side thing but it didn't work last time :( so if it doesn't work i'll just post it as a blog post!!

  4. Congratulations!
    Enter me please

  5. Hi, would love to see some fashion/outfit posts, not sure if you forgot to follow my blog, i wouldn't want you to miss out on my giveaway! Thanks for all your lovely comments!

    Fab giveaway, enter me pretty please! x

  6. Well done on your 50 followers hun.
    Enter me pretty please, and id like to see more FOTD'S.

  7. Enter me please! :)

    I just like to read good old product reviews! Ive also put a pic on my blog! :)

    Thankyooouu! :) x

  8. Enter me pretty please :)

    i would like to see more reviews.

  9. Congratlations hun! Could you "enter me pretty please"? I would love to see more FOTD's so I can try and figure out how you make your make up look sooooo good! Lol!! xxx

  10. Enter me pretty please with a cherry on top! :)
    I want to see tutorials and reviews!

  11. Hiya its me!Can you enter me pretty please?I'd be sooooo grateful if I won this!!I want this so badly!:) Jenna xxxxx

  12. Enter me pretty please! I would love to see your skincare routine!
    Thanks for being so generous with your subscribers! :) XOXO

  13. Ahh I love St. Ives!
    Enter me please:)

  14. Enter me please. :) Would love to see more NOTD's.


  15. Enter Me Pretty Please :)
    I'd like to see more NOTDS

  16. Hi sherrie baby,,,congratulations she...please enter never tried carmex lip balms...
    have tweeted your giveaway....

    and done a post here>>

    and on facebook

    NOTD would be awesome and thankyou for making such lovley comments on my blog xxx

  17. enter me pretty please

    I am a follower on google: stephanie cummins

  18. enter me pretty please !!! :)

    I'd like to see more NOTDS ;)



  19. Hello!

    Enter me pretty please!

    I would like to see more hauls because those are my favorite posts to read (=

    I posted your giveaway on my blog:

    Thank you!

  20. enter me please x

    I'm running a giveaway on my blog too!


  21. Oooooh that's so lovely, thank you !
    Fingers crossed so hard :D

    Okay so I follow you, please enter me :)

    Well I don't know what I would like to see on your blog, there's nothing to change or to add in my opinion !

  22. enter me pretty please!!

    prettyaresg [at] gmail [dot] com

  23. enter me pretty please!

    I've put a link on my sidebar too!

    Karla xx

  24. Hallo!
    Enter me please!
    I am new follower
    I would like to see Self Make councils



  25. Hey hun

    "ENTER ME PRETTY PLEASE" (*with a cherry on the top*)

    Ive put the piccie on my blog, its in the left hand side bar and ive linked it back to your blog:

    I love the posts you do already, great variety there. Perhaps do a room tour or collections of your fave products.

    My email address is:

    Laura xoxo

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  27. I forgot to say I would love to see interior posts! I love looking at how people decorate their space :) x

  28. Pretty please with cherries on top enter me. This is a lovely prize and it would be very lovely if I won! :)

  29. Enter me please


  30. "enter me pretty please"
    Can you do a top 10 of your fave beauty products, maybe top 10 eyeshadows, face creams etc.

  31. enter me pretty please
    i'd like to see reviews on eyeshadow palette


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