Tuesday 14 September 2010


Well I recieved my Lilylolo samples yesterday and was very happy.

I ordered their new Mineral foundation Barely Buff & Barely Biege Mineral Concealer, these were both 50p on offer promoting their new shades. However they've now gone up to their normal sample price of £1.25 for the foundation and 75p for the concealer which is still a great price to try them out.
I also wanted to try a couple of their mineral blushes Juicy Peach and Doll face, aswell as Waikiki bronzing powder & Star Dust shimmer powder.

The blushes and concealer came in ziploc bags and are a 1/4 teaspoon, which at first I thought blimey how am I going to use this?? But I soon found a mini blush brush which fits in perfectly and I got a good application.

The foundation & bronzing/shimmer powders came in a 5ml jar containing -0.75g these are a nice size actually. I know I will get a few applications out of these :)

Ok here comes the snaps.

I couldn't wait to try Star Dust its a very delicate pretty soft shimmer, which works as a highlighter and works really well on the face without looking OTT.

Doll face- is a sparkly candy-pink colour and I must admit I was disappointed with this one because it comes out as a shimmer and no colour base, I was hoping for a little bit of colour. I think this would be fine on the cheekbones as a highlighter but I wouldn't wear it as a blush.

Juicy Peach- I was pleasantly suprised this colour is a creamy matte finish and is stunning I've added this to my wants list ;)

Waikiki bronzing powder is another like of mine this is subtle and suitable for pale skins, however for me I am going to be using this through the winter months just to give me a natural healthy glow without me looking tango-d.

I ordered the concealer because I haven't sampled a mineral concealer before and was interested to see the coverage. I think because I'm so conscious of my dark circles I depend on a cream concealer, however I think I may have been swayed slightly to give mineral concealer a chance now. Have you tried a mineral Concealer?

The foundation was spot on colour wise which was pure luck, this is for light skin tones with balanced undertones. I was happy to know that it also contains a natural SPF. I know they recommend to sample 2-3 shades so you can experiment and see what shade works best for you. As for the texture, it felt super soft and buffs into the skin well. You can and I did build the colour up especially in certain areas on my face where I felt I needed that little bit more. My face feels and looks flawless and doesnt feel like I have anything on.

Here is my FOTD using Barely Buff mineral foundation, Barely beige concealer, Waikiki used as contour over the face, Juicy Peach blush and then Star dust on the cheek bones and down the nose to highlight.

Apologies for my dear in the headlights expression!!

I love Stardust & Juicy Peach... now on my wants list :)

What do you think??

I want to try some of their eyeshadows next, I was thinking of Smoky brown, Miami Taupe, Witchypoo ( love that name!) and choc fudge cake ohhh and one more.... Mystery.

Have you tried Lilylolo, if so what shades of products have you tried?

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  1. aww wow they're beautiful!! I've never quite mineral blushes yet.. really want to try getting a highlighting one that gives that airbrushed shimmer look!! love it :)

  2. Thanks for entering my giveaway and following me! Good idea about doing a post on make up storage, hadn't thought of that so will put something together for the near future!

    I received my Lily Lolo samples yesterday, am going to do a post but haven't had time yet xx

  3. Wow i've never heard of this make up brand before- deffo going to check it out now. It looks stunning on you :)

    You have a new follower

    Love Rach xxx


  4. It looks so gorgeous on you :D

    I've never heard about this brand too !

  5. Love juicy peach too - my post is going to be put up about it this weekend :-) xx


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