Saturday 18 September 2010

Come to mamma

I can't wait to finally get a MK watch, Im waiting for House of Frasers to have their spectacular event which is very soon, then it will save me some pennies!!!

I have lusted after one of these watches for a couple years now and so excited to think that its finally going to sit pride of place on my wrist... I did want this one below but want the ceramic version which is mega pennies so think I will have to settle for a different style. Check out the last 2 styles what do you think??

Ok which one... im slightly swaying for the rose gold as its different and not like all the others...??

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! so excited :)


  1. If this is the rubber strap one, I have this and the white rubber strap gets stained big time which is impossible to remove :( I would get the ceramic strap next time.

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  3. Oh really ?? I just checked and it's the white Polyurethane strap! Oh well I thought it was the ceramic one. Nevermind will pick another MK one ;)thanks for letting me know x

  4. Those watches are gorgeous!! I have been trying to find one and those are gorgeous options! Thanks!!

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