Sunday 15 August 2010

Mini Make-up Haul ;) cheap :)

First off some family snaps :)
Oliver having a ride with Padington :)

Dont you just love a bargain? Today we went to Trago Mills which is a cheap outlet store. It`s nothing exciting but we wanted to take my little boy into the play area they have their. He loved it and went on a mini train ride also ;)

Anyway back to the Make-up finds....well this is what I spotted and bought all for the grand total of ..... £ 5.75!!!First off I spotted Rimmels 8hr Mousse Bronzer 99p I`ve never used a mousse and to be honest Im not quite sure how!! ha ha so PLEASE feel free to help me out and leave a comment on best ways to apply. Do i use my fingers? Brush? who knows.....????

I swatched the mousse on my hand very lightly and think you can probably build up the colour.
Secondly I was very excited about this little find because the colour is right up my street!!! I must admit that the make-up section is tiny and not in very good condition. Half the products have been opened and tested, so your lucky to find some colours untouched. I saw a tester for this colour LINEN and swatched it on my hand and fell in love straight away :) Next task was (1) do they have the colour and (2) is their one untouched/used??? Well as you can see I was lucky!!! I got the last one though :( I couldnt believe the price 99p I defo wouldve bought a few more for that cost!! Maybe when im next up there i will check again

LINEN swatched NO FLASH. I would describe it as a nude peach and it feels lovely on the lips and does last also!! I still had colour on after my cuppa :)It does dry to a matte colour and I quite like this as a change to gloss all the time.

This is from the brand W7 and this is their Massive Lashes mascara they did have their Big Lash Mascara but there was only one left and... you guessed it, it was opened and used :( So I got this one instead and that took me a while to find that one new and untouched but for £1.29 its well worth it!! :)

NAILS!!!!!!!!! I love love love nails and snapped these beauties up for only £1.49!!! I will do pics and blog about these when I do them. Have you tried Royal False nails? I have got my Nailene ones to use first but looking forward to giving these a go. Plus they are 3D art ones which are nice and different :)

Ok I know this isnt beauty related but had to show you a photo of the little swimming costume I picked up my little girl, shes only 1owks old but I know for sure once she fits in this we`ll be down the swimming pool!! It only cost £3.99

This is a mineral blush by Taxi Pure I`ve never heard of this brand before but was drwan to it non the less. It has a soft pad where the loose powder comes through, I liked the look of the colour and shimmer, sorry i forgot to swatch this so if you want me to swatch then please comment below ;)

So all in all not a bad haul for the cost :) I may have to hunt down some more LINEN though...ha ha :)

Thanks for stopping by

Sher :)

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