Saturday 14 August 2010

Cheap & amazing = Lacura skincare

I couldnt believe the cost of this range... and was excited to test their creams out after reading reviews.
I was shocked to learn that they were stocked at Aldis and only £1.99!!!!!!!!!

The range also has Eye creams, Serums, body moisturisers and lots more..

Check it out the link....

I picked up the Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Day cream ( £1.99 ) & Q10 Anti-wrinkle Night Cream ( £1.99 ) and must admit after using this now for 2 wks my skin is the best its been in a very long time!!

The Day cream contains a Bioflavanoid formula and Vitamin E & C which helps protect the skin from the environment. I would say this cream isnt probably recommended for oily skins as the formula is on the thick side. But for my dehydrated/dry skin this is a drink!!!

The Night cream is just as amazing and contains a Retinol complex which is always a good ingredient to have I think, as it works wonders on the skin... well my skin anyway ;)

This looks and feels richer than the day cream so again not sure if this would be beneficial for oilier skins??

I was using some of the DHC skincare samples together with these creams and now im back using my normal cleansing products and my skin still feels lovely but it dosent seem to have that radiance about it.... I think the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil had something to do with it ;)

BUT non the less these creams have now become a staple to my skincare range and I still after 2wks of using them I look forward to morning and night when I get to use them.

Has anyone else tried these? Have you tried any of their other products??

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Sher :)


  1. Following your recommendation I have picked up some of the day cream and night cream. They are amazing and my skin looks and feels so hydrated and healthy!! My skin is normal, neither oily or dry and it seems to work well for it. At £1.99 a tub you really cannot go wrong!!

  2. The price is fantastic and well worth a try!

    Thanks for the tips xx

  3. Shall have to check this range out! currently using a different one from Aldi.

  4. I used the night cream a few years ago and really like it. I currently use their serum and really rate it.


  5. Jo- I will have to give their serum ago next time I re-purchase their face creams. Thanks for the comment :) xx


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